We Went to Compare Sheffield Student Lifestyles – Here’s What We Found

Last Updated on February 4, 2019

So here at Goring by the Sea, we decided a road trip was in order, to go and suss out the way students live in the North! That’s right, we’re looking up to Sheffield, a thriving student city, to understand the way students live and work up in the colder parts of England.

Our Journey to Sheffield

**On a side note, when you buy train tickets to Sheffield from Goring by the Sea, make sure you book them well in advance to get the best price! It’s a long journey and you really don’t want to pay through the nose for it.

Here is the journey time:

Students – What’s it like living away from home for the first time?

It’s quite daunting but exciting at the same time, I personally loved it. The first day when you get there and everyone else is new too, you get this feeling of freedom, like you’re having a fresh start, and everyone is really friendly. The student halls are always having a party, so you can always find an excuse to be sociable. It really helps if you get a good group of flat mates too.

Students – What’s it like in student housing?

It’s a real step up from student halls where everything was taken care of. You have to organise yourselves and it does put a bit of extra pressure on you on top of all your other responsibilities. That being said, it’s so much better to have a bit of privacy and be around all of your friends. I wasn’t living with many people I got on with last year, so it’s great to have close friends just a shout away! If you have a student housing agency like strawberrystudenthomes.co.uk, you can often just ring them up and have serious problems sorted within hours, such as boiler breakdowns or issues with student accommodation.

Students – How do you spend your free time?

I personally spend a lot of time playing sport, so football and rugby teams, often playing matches outside of lectures. There are also sports social events on most Wednesday nights, which are a great way to bond with the team. It’s also fun to play computer games with flat mates, and go out to the cinema every now and again. A part time job can really help you boost your student loan.

Students – What is your course like?

It’s really tricky, I need to keep at it otherwise it’s so easy to get behind on material. Attending lectures hungover is horrible, but it’s so much better than lagging behind with work, trust me on that! The science aspect of my course is really interesting, and I feel like Sheffield is a great university for that.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! An insight into student life in Sheffield. Stay tuned for more up to date posts from Goring by the Sea in 2019 soon.

By Martin Foreman

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