Local Weather Lore

It is well accepted that and English Summer
consists of three sunny days and a thunderstorm.

Will it be fine Today?

It is most likely to be fine:

  • on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
  • first thing in the morning
  • when there is a low tide
  • with wind from the East or North
  • if it was fine yesterday
  • with a red sky last evening
  • a rising barometer
  • if all else fails, when the forecasters say so

For the record,

  • Snow falls on average on 7-10 days, and is still lying at 9am on up to 5 days; max depth 8th Dec 1967 10 inches; 7-8 February 1847 when the Worthing Chichester train was abandoned in drifts.
  • It rains 155 days a year to a total of 28 inches; wettest year 1960 41 inches.
  • Sunshine average 1821 hours.
  • Temperature mean 10.5 degrees, average Max August 20.5
  • Sea temperature in August 18.5 degrees, in February 6 degrees.
  • Days with gale: 15-20
  • Most famous gales:
    • 27th November 1703 destroyed Ferring village and the Eddystone Lighthouse. A number of capital ships of the Royal Navy were driven onto the Goodwin Sands with tremendous loss of life.
    • a storm on 7th July 1853 produced hailstones 5 inches in diameter and did great damage to the emerging glass house industry, and a relief fund was set up.
    • 1st January 1877 tidal flooding;
    • 24 January 1907 on the beaches at Shoreham, Worthing and Littlehampton, the waves froze as the broke, leaving ice sculptures on the beach, and ice pillars formed on the posts of the breakwaters;
    • 22 March 1913 when Worthing Pier was washed away;
    • 22 July 1929 (or was it 1927?) a 20ft tidal wave hit Worthing beach and we think someone was drowned along the coast at Lancing.
    • 15-16 October 1987 The Hurricane, when a gust of 115mph was recorded at Shoreham;
    • 26-27 February 1990 tidal flooding;

Other countries have a climate, in the UK we just have weather.
Weather is local.
Goring weather is local and we have listened to the locals
for their words of weather wisdom.

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