Street Plan

The A259 from Littlehampton becomes the A2032 at the Newbridge roundabout, and marks the northern boundary of the parish. North of the road is Durrington, and the small road to the north is Titnore Lane leading to the A27 and the north.

Not that A27 is very exciting. You can go west to Arundel at great speed, but to the east you end up in suburban streets at the back of Worthing, until the road opens up again at Lyons Farm and the motorway. Plans to do something about this annoying bottleneck have been off and on for years.

North of the railway line is Maybridge, which is also known as Castle ward, and is part of Goring-by-Sea. Durrington railway station is in Goring, a fair step from Durrington, on the border of West Worthing. West Worthing station is a long way east in Tarring. There is a good train service from whichever station you choose to start.

The A259 goes through Goring, past the shops at the Goring Street roundabout, then past the Mulberry pub, and the shops there, and on down Goring Road to George V Avenue for yet more shops. There are also some shops in Alinora Crescent.

West Worthing is to the east at George V Avenue. Ferring is to the west, owning about half of the Goring Gap.

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