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48 Goring residents whose houses overlook the proposed development at Sea
Place/Eirene Road, packed into Baloos Restaurant on Monday to object to the
plans. The meeting was hosted by Brad and Amanda Weemes who own the
Restaurant, and supported by Richard Waller for the Goring Residents’
Association, and WBC Councillor Steve Waight.

All the residents were shocked that such a short period of time has been
allowed for comment. Comments have to be in by 27th February. The
Development Brief is dated December 2003, yet they waited until 9th
February, three weeks before the deadline, before making their plans known; they sent out the suggesting form to a very limited number of houses; and then ran out of suggestion forms at the Council offices.

After pressure from us, WBC have agreed to extend the cut-off date until 12 March. This will give the residents time to make the plans more widely known, and to ask anyone else who wants to object to do so.

Robert Smytherman will be the member of the WBC Executive to make the decision on whether and how to proceed on this project.

Although the residents sympathise with the Council in their need to raise
money, the unanimous decision was to reject the plans outright. What is
needed on this site is a recreation area to support the Worthing Yacht Club,
and to teach windsurfing and other water based sporting activities, and for
children’s activity area. If funds are not available to set this up now,
then the land should be kept as open grass until a contractor can be found
to set up and run such a centre.

Seven good reasons were suggested as to why housing should not be built

  • The land is still subject to flooding after heavy rain, despite the work
    done last year on the storm water outfall.

  • Traffic is very heavy along Eirene Road at peak times, and it is almost
    impossible to turn out of Sea Place . There are always delays at the
    roundabout at George V Avenue.

  • It is proposed to use Sea Place as the main entrance to the development.
    This road is just not wide enough for such traffic, particularly if the
    Eirene Road exit from the car park is not to be available. Delivery lorries
    to the Yacht Club and Baloos Restaurant need space to unload. Families with
    children habitually use Sea Place to get to the beach and would have
    difficulty if the traffic was increased.

  • Despite what the Development Brief says, the existing car park is only
    just big enough at weekends and holidays, and on days when the Yacht Club
    regattas are held. There is no space at all in adjoining roads for
    additional parking.

  • The public toilets are heavily used and must be kept in operation. The
    alternative toilets are a long way to walk, at Heene Road, and Sea Lane
    Cafe. Lack of toilets could only lead to fouling in the bushes.

  • Owners of existing houses have grown used to sea views from their homes
    and do not take kindly to the suggestion that the view should be blocked by
    houses or flats. This will reduce the value of the existing houses for
    which the owners will ask for compensation.

  • Contrary to the statements in the Development Brief, the buildings in this
    area are detached houses or bungalows. Flats, even if only three stories,
    are not suitable here.


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