Rubbish Quiz

Apparently only 8 to 10% of residents were using the kerbside recycling service. This is not good.

According to Paul Willis, the WBC Environmental Co-ordinator, the Tidy Britain Group survey found as follows:

Routine Recyclers
40% – Consistently use whatever facilities are available

It’s all their fault group
23% – recycle occasionally but blame everybody else for manufacturing products with so much wrapping.

Domestic Cleansers
20% – driven to declutter their homes as quickly as possible. If the recycling is are convenient, then fine. If not then into the trash it goes. They are not going to store recyclables for any length of time.

Busy Dismissers
14% – perceive sorting rubbish as being time consuming and they are too busy.

Misinformed Moaners
3% – will not recycle under any circumstances as they protest that recycling is not environmentally beneficial and are sceptical about the landfill space running out.


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