Worthing Rubbish Collection

Rubbish Collection
Household refuse collection is done on the same day each week until there is a Bank Holiday when the day is put back for the number of days lost.

Some collections start at 6.30am so generally you will have to leave your rubbish out the evening before.

You must put your stuff at your front gate. If you have medical difficulty in doing this, ring the council (below) to tell them.

Recycling is now based on the same collection day as the household rubbish. Recycling is collected by a different crew who may come at a different time from the rubbish crew.
Grey boxes are provided free.
OK items: Newspapers, Magazines, glossy brochures, leaflets, envelopes, directories, brown or white cardboard. Please flatten boxes.
Food tins (washed, and no lids), drink cans, aerosol cans,
Plastic bottles for soft drink, water, milk, juice, detergents, shampoo, washing-up liquid, mineral water,squash – but not the tops from any of these which should go inmto the dustbin.
Plastics which are not suitable include: plastic film, carrier bags, yoghart pots, margarine or icecream containers, brown plastic bottles, containers which have had engine oil.

Garden Rubbish
Garden rubbish will be collected if in the brown bio-degradable bags which you can buy at shops locally for 50p each. This is a seperate collection, and you must make sure that the green bags are very visible at your gate.

Christmas Trees Natural christmas strees will be collected free if left at your front gate around 12th night.

Glass Bottles
You should recycle bottles and clothing at the collection points around the borough.

Local Amenity Sites
There is a Civic Amenity Site at Dominion Way, East Worthing for household and garden rubbish, open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and probably New Years Day.
Opening hours: weekdays 8am-7pm Sunday 9am-7pm, but in winter from 1st October close at 5pm each day.

Dominion Road will also handle oil and batteries. But see also:


Clinical waste can be collected free. Bulky items can be collected on Thursdays at competitive prices, estimates free.

For all enquiries ring 01903-210700

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