Reclining Garden Furniture is Perfect for Relaxing on the Goring By Sea Beach

As we’re moving into spring here in Goring, it might be nice to look forward to the summer, when we can enjoy our gardens again and get outside to enjoy a bbq or 10!

Well that’s why we’re looking into a new types of outdoor furniture today, which is by Majestique Rattan, and it involves some interesting reclining and rocking arm chairs!

Why choose reclining rattan garden furniture?

This particular type of garden furniture has many beneficial qualities to enjoying your garden in the summer. The main features that make these chairs so comfortable are:

  • Hand woven: the hand woven rattan strands have a natural give in them that allows your weight to be distributed evenly, which makes them really comfy.
  • Cushions included: this means the chairs become twice as comfy because of the extra thick cushions included in the set.
  • Weatherproof: when choosing weatherproof rattan it allows you to leave it outside all year round. This means you don’t need a cover, which can get expensive, and you don’t need to store it which can get annoying.
  • A range of colours: you can often choose from grey rattan furniture, brown and black rattan, with some golden varieties available.

Checkout this video from Garden Centre Shopping for more information:

The reclining chair has even been found in some instances to help with back pain, as the high backs of the chairs allow you to rest your head back, taking the strain off your neck and letting you site outside for longer periods of time without suffering from the pain or stress of a working day.

I highly recommend you checkout Garden Centre Shopping and buy their reclining chairs, because you will never turn back, they’re simply that comfortable. They also do home delivery for free across the UK.


You can read more about reclining garden furniture here:

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