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Doggy Dating – cold nose warm heart. Sign up your dog, or seek a dog through this agency.

The Census people have updated the local statistics and this is the page for Goring. Interesting.

Do you feel the need to apologise to anyone for anything? Here is a place to do it. There is no guarantee that the person or persons will see it, but you may feel better having got it off your chest.
An archive of old photos of Sussex which you can download. Or you can order hard copies if you wish
This site bills itself as the largest list of superstitions on the web. Whether you slavishly avoid ladders and cracks in the pavement or you think all superstitions are a load of hokum, the site makes entertaining reading.
What is your IQ. Take a test here

Port Out, Starboard Home is a new book by Michael Quinion that could just be as popular as Eats Shoots and Leaves. The website is pretty dood too. is also a good one. Lots of examples of how to get it wrong! Or try

Lost the instruction manual? Here is where to find a copy to buy, or links to on-line manuals for many products.

A free source of much infoirmation which could be useful to a small business.

For all those who do not organise their children every evening seven days a week.

Stack the floating pigs is the byline here. A game site.

Test your pets intelligence. My labrador/spaniel thingy, Casper, scored 24. How did yours do?

This ios a good one for any problems that affect your motoring, cars, driving, whatever

MI5 official website has a list of tips to help prevent terrorism. They seem quite logical to me. The Top 10 guidelines for businesses are worth a look.

This site covers virtually every aspect of moving house. There are detailed how-to guides to buying, selling, letting, and renting, the moving process and financial products as well as a database of over 15 thousand links to all types of property sites from estate agents to countenancers and mortgage brokers.

If you want to get yourself on a TV property show, there’s a guide to which programmes currently need contributors. Plus there’s a range of useful interactive calculators to help you work out your rent, mortgage payments, or to compare different mortgage packages.

This official site for all things Dr Suess. The Suessentenial section marks the 100 year anniversary of the great man’s birth, but the highlight is the playground section which features characters like The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch and Sam I-Am in a range of terrific games aimed at primary-age kids.

St George’s Day is Friday 23 April. Try these pages.
Some people think that St George’s day ought to be a public holiday. Perhaps instead of the May or June bank holiday perhaps? Surely not as well as these.

A neat program you can buy for a small fee to help you cope with the information overload that besets us all. Brainstorm is by local man David Tebbut. Looks good to me.

Chiefly f in SE England, togther with games. Neat

Best Treatments is a parallel resource to NHS Direct, so that you can browse your sysmptoms and decide for yourself whether to have an aspirin or call an ambulance. I haven’t explored my sysmptoms but would be interested in your experience with this tool.

Devoted to lexpionage, the sleuthing of new words and phrases. These aren’t “stunt words” or “sniglets,” but new terms that have appeared multiple times in newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, and other recorded sources.

Bartolomeo Mecánico worldwide roadsigns shows comic local variations to what are supposed to be international standard signs.

Yellow stickers on good URLs around the office.

If the UK is going to sign up for the proposed European Constitution, we must have a chance to vote in a referendum on this. You can send your name and address to this website and they will add your name to a petition to see this happens.

The Plain English Campaign held a competition for the most detested tiresome expressions. Go to the Whats New link for the details. For the record the top ones were:

  • at the end of the day
  • at this moment in time
  • like (used as punctuation)
  • with all due respect
  • to be honest
  • going forward
  • lets touch base
  • blue sky thinking
  • I hear what you are saying
  • it’s not rocket science
  • between a rock and hard place

Got any dusty bottles of wine in the back of your cupboard? Does value increase with age? How much should you pay for a special vintage?

I Love Books
The Daily Telegraph on Friday 19 March highlights a website called I Love Books, but does not give the URL. If you can find it please let me know. Apparently there is a competition to give a 25 word synopsis of well known liturature.

Ask your questions here. You can enter say, Worthing in the entry box and either ask for a reply from the local people or the country, or the world, or any specific town.
A neat display of the Kings and Queens of England.

Everyday there is a press conference at 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister or his spokesman answers questions. Here are the transcripts of what was said. Note: this is not a government site, but probably a better record than the one seen in the papers.

My 50 things to do before I am 50

If you have a fetish for popping bubblewrap try this one.

The kids love Pingu on TV and this one is great fun.

A fixed price, low cost supplier of gas and electricity if you are over 60. Staywarm is part of Powergen and seems to be a best buy.
If you are under 60 then check our best buy page

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive online guides to restaurants and takeaways in the UK. The Grab A Meal directory lists over 23 thousand different eateries. You can search by region, cuisine and postcode, read reviews of (and submit your own comments about) selected restaurants, and find offers for discounts on meals.

A new idea each day. Another pro-bono website. Each day an idea is published that you may find, interesting, useful, or perhaps rediculous. Lets see what comes up tomorrow.

Move your assets – or at least your image. Put a picture of you into the template and see yourself in an entirely new image.

Did you know there is a difference between the British Mars Bar and the American one? A scientific (?) analysis of a shopping and snacking problem.

We now have an Information Commissioner in the UK. What they will do to help us I haven’t yet discovered. Certainly the way they have of dealing with reports of spam seem rather over engineered and do not seem likely to succeed.

Steve Wright in the afternoon on Radio 2 features Miles Mendoza’s website of the day. If I like the choice I usually repeat it here.
British Monarchs Timeline. Part of the BBC History wesbite – it is really incredible how much good stuff the BBC have up.

WBC Website has been upgraded and really looks very smart. There is a wealth of information here, and seems very easy to find.

If you cannot find it on Google, try Ungoogle to get the entries from several other search engines.

Welcome to Sunny Worthing

A website maintained in memory of Marcus Leighton who died aged 36 of leukaemia in November. It has a series of splendid photos of Worthinmg and is well worth a visit.
(Worthing Herald 31 Dec 03)

Cirque du Soleil – a Circus without animals – are going to be big. To start with they have the Albert Hall for about three months. You may well want to go and see them.

A site to help you find short-term deals and loopholes to save you money on everything from phone bills to DVD players or contact lenses.

This Classic IQ Test is the most thorough and scientifically accurate IQ Test on the Web. Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and certified professionals — it’s now available to you from Tickle. It’s free, private and developed by PhDs.
You may have already participated in the BBC1 Test the Nation quiz. What did you score and are you satisfied?

The Beagle 2 Mars probe is due to touch down on Mars in the arly hours of Christmas morning. It takews three hours for the first messages to get back to earth, but we shall no doubt hear more on the radio and TV. In the meantime this website is worth a look.,11289,en.html

The WBC departments will be closing at various times over the holidays. Have a quick check here.

There has been a lot of excitement about the new Tetra radio masts to provide secure messaging for the emergency services. Apparently local councils have refused planning permission for some of the masts. And apparently there are potential risks to our health. Here is more than you want to know about this project.

The Christmas page of 1DO3 was recommended to me as the way to solve any and all your Christmas problems. Try and it and see if it solves all yours!

If you want to buy long life Ni-MH batteries for your digital camera, try this one. They are quite a lot cheaper than the local shops.

Wot’s a Tog I hear you say. If you are a listener to Terry Wogan in the morning you will know it is a Terry’s Old Geezer, and they have an excellent calendar with every known celebrity on it. Preview it here, and then buy one in aid of BBC Children in Need.

Jeremy French who is the vet at The Mulberry vets practice was recently sponsored to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to the tune of £1008 which he has now donated to the fund. Quite an achievement, both for the climber and for the many sponsors.

Eats,Shoots and Leaves:
The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

One of the best sellers this Christmas is the Lynne Truss book on punctuation. Everyone seems to have a parent who is a pedant, or an uncle who is illiterate, they badly need this book. You can get it anywhere, except the local shop here who has already sold out. If all is lost try this website:

Some people now think that because no one seems to get the apostrophe in the right place, then we should just give it up. The new film “Two weeks notice” has obviously done just this. Other cases include: The judges decision is final; who care’s; no dog’s. Similarly “Do you have any spare records” ought to end with a question mark.
Try this one: Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls’ School’s Old Girls’ Club.

Ashington has won the Calor trophy for the best village in England. They get a plaque for the community centre, and £6000. Well done Ashington.

Gap years for both students and for more mature citizens are becoming the thing to do, ever since Prince Harry has been getting so much publicity in Australia. Travellers Worldwide, who work from Ferring, organises gap years and have an impressive record of very satisfied ‘gappers’ and make a significant contribution to the countries they go to. There will be an 8-part TV series starting in May 2004 following the progress of some of their clients.

Winter Wonderland at the Millenium Dome is one that I had not hear of. It runs from 6-31 December. Looks like quite a place to go.
To qualify for membership for Mensa you need to score within the upper two percent of the population on an approved IQ test. For the rest of us, there’s always Densa; No formal membership qualification, but you can check your Densa rating with a range of addictive quizzes which aren’t quite as easy as they look: For example: How many two cent stamps are there in a dozen?

This is the page in the Worthing Borough Council website that deals with environment. Paul Willis also runs a beach clean a couple of times a year and is worth supporting.

Mr Blair has hailed this as being a major contribution to better government. I should be interested in your views. It reads to me like a Labour Party Political speech. And it does go on.

If you think a referendum on the EU Constitution would be a good idea, so that at least you can find out what we are threatened with, then this one could be of interest.

Or do you think we should go all the way and leave the EU altogether? Then this is the website for you. It is a poor website technically but then there are always some penalties for being independent.

You can send in the brilliant idea that you have just thought of and why doesn’t someone do just this one thing to make your life better. Every day they publish just one brilliant idea, and you can look back through the archive.

The Automatic Flatterer. Type in your name, or even someone elses name if you wish, and get a boost to your ego on a dull morning.

This may come as a shock, but my mate has come across a website that
holds everyone’s passport details. This has me very worried. The sad thing is that anyone can access other people’s personal info. I’ve removed my info. I suggest you all do the same.

Friends Reunited have now signed up their 10 millionth member. Quite an achievement in three years.

How Everyday Things Are Made, an introductory website for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes, and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video. It is targeted towards non-engineers and engineers alike. Think of it as your own private online factory tour, or a virtual factory tour, if you wish.

An exhibition of Heath Robinson’s work is on at

Dulwich Picture Gallery
until Jan 18. If you cannot make it there, try this website.

A car database recording the comments on a vaste range of cars. Isn’t it amazing how when you have just bought a car, you check these lists and find that everyone else hates it!

Style is not a word that is usually associated with British men. When it comes to fashion, most men take little interest in their attire, and it shows. Trinny and Susannah have taken a long hard look at male style and have come up with, what they call, the Seven Tribes of Man. What tribe do you belong to?

Tribe 1 – The Market Stall Holder

Tribe 2 – Don’t Try, Don’t Need To

Tribe 3 – Medallion Man

Tribe 4 – Cutting Edge And Gets Away With It

Tribe 5 – Mr Nondescript – the largest tribe

Tribe 6 – Shiny Suit Brigade

Tribe 7 – Suits You Sir

From the BBC Two series, What Not To Wear, presented by Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall. More detail on the website.

Internet greetings for all occasions. Why spend money on postage.
Or for a 1066 comic strip greeting you can go to
But it is a big flash site so be prepared to wait.

No content on this one but a selection of formats for it

A very large number of panoramas from all over the world. Slow to load the first one but quite quick for the rest. Somewhere in there is Buckingham Palace. Try it.

A similar list – I do not know which is best

You might have seen Concorde flying over, very high, very fast, very noisy, at about 2.30 Friday 24 October on its way to the Bay of Biscay. We would be sorry to see it no more. One of the major British achievements, a beautiful aircraft, a triumph of design, something no other nation has achieved. If you agree why not sign the Save Concorde petition in this website.

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