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Two sites to convert pounds to dollars or miles to kilometres, or practically anything to something else.


All sorts of pictures and stories about Alice in Wonderland


Try this one for Mothers Day


Enter your town and see what the sky is like above the clouds, and when all the satellites will be visible.


This one has a feast of information for all dog lovers, and is free for breeders, trainers, services, and sellers of doggy things. It has forum which seems fun.


Selected websites to choose from depending on your mood at the moment. I tried the Voyeristic one and found a whole variaty of webcams from all round the world.


This is the two-wheel pogo-stick that they have hailed as the only way to get around. 8mph and battery driven, all you have to do is stand on it and lean in the direction you want to go. Sounds to us as if it is going to be easy to fall off and do yourself an injury, but then they said scooters were dangerous and now everyone has one.


I think you will want to take part in a very short survey on superstition. It is fun. And the other projects are interesting too – for instance are you a lucky or unliky person?


Stories of trials at the Old Bailey in London 1674 to 1834 with some splendid cases in interesting detail.


Some people talk only in cliches. You can ignore what they say, and just concentrate on counting them. Or try the game yourself, and only speak in cliches – here are some examples. In fact, a lot of examples!


The Music, the Photos, the Serenity. Wonderful.


This is a driving school showing the right way and the wrong way to drive on the public roads. Unfortunately the right way always seems to go pear shaped. Probably best with high speed lines and sound.


All singing, all dancing, games from Disney. If you have sound and fast access this is a fun one for the kids.


A website of the day, with a checklist of previous website links in case you have only just come across this one. Always some good stuff here.


A source of free entertainment for bored office workers. Apparently 46% of all Internet traffic is people funny swapping stories from the days news. This site gathers the latest for a fun read.


This man has surveyed all the odd cycle lanes in Brighton and Hove and has pictures to show a collection of the shortest, narrowest, most dangeropus, and most useless.


Type your message on this website and it will be placed in a bottle and thrown into the sea at Brighton Pier for delivery in due course, to someone, who may or may not be the person you would like to read it.
There are links to wesbites that may interest you. An interesting wind map


and wave data

The downside of this is that the council spend a lot of time and money picking bottles off the beach, and this would seem to contribute to their problems.


Some people choose to sleep in airports, perhaps so they can be ready to board an early flight. But some people have to sleep there because they have been bounced, or suffered delays, and cannot persuade the airline to pay for a hotel room. This site is a fantastic list of airports worldwide, with hints and tips contributed by over-nighters to make your stay bearable if not what you would have chosen in an ideal world.


There are a lot of motoring websites, but this is a good one. Click the Traffic and Travel link for a list of roadworks that could hold you up.


Recommended as being an excellent way to ask those questions that you forgot to ask when you saw the quack for that seven minutes that an appointment allows you these days.


Have difficulty remembering which King or Queen came when? This Time Line shows all you want to know in an attractive horizontal display.


The island of Unst is apparently the most northerly inhabited island in the UK. They seem to be a wacky lot but it is all a bit of fun.


Wacky Wet World is a site for those who like swimming fully clothed as a major new trend sport. Get fit in wet clothing. Enjoy wet clothes photos, chat and forums. We have always welcomed wet T-Shirt swimming but this is of the chaps too.


A lively welcoming site for prospective and experienced mothers with practical relevent help from mothers who are going through similar experiences.


Help for parents to close the gap on the tech-savvy next generation. And includes tips on internet filtering software. Also links to sites to improve maths and literacy.


A global network of experts in all areas of knowledge have been charged with supplying useful information, and then to keep it up to date.


A price comparison service for all sorts of mortgage, savings, loans, and credit card sources.


Celebrates evolutionarey progress by honouring those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it in really stupid ways.


The Meanings of words used in Calendars.
Why are there 12 months in a year.
Why are there seven days in a week.


Text messaging is great in principle, but for anyone over the age of about 23 it’s fiddly, expensive and many of the abbreviations are incomprehensible. This site will let you send free text messages from your computer and even give you a glossary of abbreviations to boot!


If you ever believed yoghurt pot lids were poisonous or your legs would fall off if you unscrewed your belly button, you’re in good company. Thousands of people across the world have been sharing wacky childhood beliefs thanks to a web site set up in Brighton.


One of a number of funny websites about the absurd inventions that people have attempted to patent. A search on Google on words like patent and invention will yield a lot more. A rich field.

http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/dilbert.gif” width=”115″ height=”59″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>


A daily cartoon from Scott Adams which is a true insght into office life. This one is a classic and I can’t think why we have not listed it before.


Apparently everything comes in threes; three wise men, three primary colours, friends-Romans-countrymen. This site lists thousands of threes. The only rival is seven; even deadly sins etc, but that is another subject


An easy guide to science, run by the Royal Institute of Great Britain. Chiefly designed for schools, with facility for teachers to register, there are a growing number of general sections including Anatomy, Elements, and Space.


This man keeps an archive of all the websites he can find. There about 20 versions of my sites dated from 1998 onwards. If all else fails you can take at least the most recent version to recover your website if you have failed to back it up. Or see how primitive your site was in the early days.


Spam king lives large off others’ e-mail troubles but now his house has been spammed with hard copy from most of the direct mail companies of the world.

http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/spam.gif” width=”450″ height=”295″ alt=”” border=”0″>


12 things that all Internet freaks may want to consider for their New Year Resolutions.


A climate change calendar, one page per month, on which you can record todays weather and over the five years compare whether it is getting better or worse.


Probably for broadband surfers, but if you like words, this is just about the best site ever! It describes itself as a “tool to explore, study, and analyse the structure of language,” but that so doesn’t do it justice. Just type any word to find a hypnotic spiders web of similes, definitions and much more.


Many of us are stuck in our offices all day and find it reassuring to have quality pictures of the outside world adorning our walls. I have now found the ultimate calendar with images of the outside world that make you feel better for being stuck in a robust, leakproof (most of the time) office.

Check the area where you live for floods and a whole range of other threats. And on another page check house values, people age, shops and amenities. (from BBC Steve Wright)

Rolf Harris had a greater TV audience than any other arts programme has achieved. This site allows you to play all his best songs, complete with picture of him and the wobbleboard. We think this site is unofficial; here is the official site to complete the record (forgive the pun):
http://www.rolfharris.com/ (from BBC Steve Wright)


In total, the set of 78 presents for the 12 days of Christmas would cost �651.87. 12 drummers drumming at �000 and the ten lords a leaping for �386.44. The cheapest gift is two turtle doves, costing �, while a partridge in a pear tree comes in at �.95. Calling birds proved difficult. We eventually settled for four mynah birds through the www.findit.co.uk web site at �0.


Spoof community website in the format of a local newspaper on a low budget, which you should read with care or you will miss the subtleties.


One to keep an eye on. The printed catalogue of T-Shirts has a vaste array of rotten puns which you could wear on your chest.

12 November 02


Internet? What抯 an Internet when its at home? When I were a lad we had libraries – and if you wanted to talk to someone far away you just shouted a bit louder. Recent surveys shows that senior surfers are now the fastest growing group on the Internet and that going online is the new number one hobby for British pensioners The time seems ripe for Help the Aged to launch its new website. And a pretty reasonable website it is too! It feels like a community website in that it has lots of useful and very helpful information Like security (and how to get locks fitted), grants, volunteering, etc. And a very useful section which takes you step by step through how to increase the size of the font on the website for easier reading. A very nice, intimate, comfortable website.


Earthquakes seem to be happening quite often in England. This website shows about nine earthquakes worldwide on most days.


A fairly academic site with lots of information about earthquakes in general, plus those in Manchester recently in particular.
Very useful LINKS page – dozens of links
Rather handy booklet that you can download as well.


This is the official LEGO website and it抯 simple and easy to use, but with lots of great features. Good site for adults – they can check out what to buy their kids for Xmas. Great site for kids … Wonderful games to to play where the object of the game is to build things so that your hero can get places and collect points or food or energy on the way. The object is to score as high as possible.

Also interactive games that they can either play the games on their own or they can sign up as a member – which is free – and play in competition with other kids on the Net. You抣l have to download Shockway Player but it抯 from Macromedia and in my opinion perfectly safe to download. Shockwave is intuitive and installs itself automatically.

There抯 a section that gives detailed, graphical instructions on how to build various Lego toys, so kids will never be stuck with something they can抰 construct.

In a time capsule, you can view Lego games of the past.


And just to show we抮e not biased towards foreign toys, you can also go to The English Teddy Bear Company. A lovely feature on this site is the facility to send someone a Teddy Bear (instead of flowers). Gets delivered with a Teddy Bear in a lovely box with a customised card.
Nice idea! Longer lasting effect as well.



Note: This one runs only with Internet Explorer browsers. Sorry!
Here抯 a website that抯 a complete waste of time. Actually, it isn抰 a site, it抯 just a page.
A cute cat that follows your mouse around.
It purrs when you rub its tummy
And tries to catch the cursor.
And the faster you go, the faster his head goes.
It also mews every now and then.
A complete waste of time … But it had me smiling and it抣l keep youir 3-year-old amused for a while.
I抳e christened him Vino


The amusing thing about this site is that they have a huge amount of information – who would have thought there抯 be so much to do on such a small rock!
The holidays and short breaks section is very detailed, again with lots of information
And of course there抯 a lot about the current argument over sovereignty.
A very nice, peaceful looking website to browse.


Watch the American spelling! All the health fads debuncted. More than 400 mysteries, fads, and tomfooleries, from abracadabra to zombies. With links to references in most cases.


The Gossard website seems to concentrate on ladies without their bras which seems strange. A serious site which is sure to be popular for male surfers.

Three Time Websites


How often do you try and contact people abroad and find that it is not a good time for them. This is a zone map of the world with the time shown for each country. And as an option and even easier to understand, a quick map of the world showing at this moment where it is night and where it is day. Including the arctic circle where for the next few months it is always night. And a list of countries who go in for Daylight Saving Time and the dates that they change. For the first time for yonks most of Europe seems to have got their act together and changed on the same date.


A clock face is boring. Round. 12 numbers in a set order. Two hands revolving in completely predictable ways. This one is different. Every minute, day and night, is different, with background pictures from all round the world to illustrate this moment in time as being unique.


I have 545 million seconds to live. This website will predict the exact date at which you will shuffle off this mortal coil. Nothing complex. You can choose whether you are pessimistic or optimistic. Just a positive answer to your simple question. So you can start composing your famous last words in plenty of time.

15 October 02


you抣l spend hours, if not weeks, on this website. But be warned, there are many websites out there that offer you something for free … But there抯 a catch. Somewhere down the line you have to buy something. So keep that in mind while I tell you about this website.

If you抮e fascinated with … YOURSELF, then this site is devoted to tests to find out all about yourself …   http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Your IQ   http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Personality   http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Career type   http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Parent type
  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Whether you抮e millionaire material   http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Crazy   http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Or a perfectionist …  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Even whether you抮e superstitious

Apparently the results are obtained by use of a statistical algorithm that analyses patterns in your responses to the tests.
Now remember what I said about having to buy things on sites? Well, here you can do the tests and get a descriptive answer of what type you are
… But if you want a more detailed description, you have to register … For $15.
On the other hand, what you get for free is a lot of fun. Accuracy is another matter!


I know we抮e past the season of gardening but this is a splendid guide to what you should be doing in the jungle outside your back door. You can learn over the winter and then produce a garden makeover in the Spring.
As with most BBC sites, I was rather impressed.

The website is headed up by Alan Titchmarsh and has been nominated for a best online learning award. Learn HOW to garden and
what抯 best for the TYPE of garden you have.
But first you have to IDENTIFY the type of soil, light conditions, and all the other aspects of your particular patch that proper gardeners will know a lot more about than I do.
All these aspects are covered in modules on the website.
Very clever, very easy to use and they make it fun to learn
Uses extremely quick-loading Flash
Audio as well

And video on things like how to dead-head
IN-DEPTH, LOTS OF INFORMATION, a great site for gardeners.


or easier to remember …


With the Country Music Awards coming up in a few weeks, you might want a headstart on who抯 likely to be nominated and who抯 who in the various categories.
This is a “real-time” website with lots of information
But the best part is the “Listen & Watch” section where you can view video clips of concerts, tracks, etc.
They抮e in .ram format, so you抣l need Real Player, which you can get at www.real.com for FREE.
Make sure you choose Real One Player, and not the new flashy version which you have to pay for.



Has some Interactive Panoramas which are fun. These provide a good coverage of important places round Eastbourne, including Beachy Head. They do take some time to load – always a problem with these clever things. And by the way, the things on the rest of the Eastbourne site are well done too.
Southern Counties Radio has some interactive panoramas of their reception and a number around the area which are worth looking at. Panoramas are not the same as Webcam, you take the pictures one by one, with your camera in a tripod, then use some clever software to stich them all together seamlessly.



A live webcam from the Houses of Parliament, but only when they are sitting. I believe that there is also a channel on TV someplace but again, only when the house is sitting.


Guy Fawkes made his protest as a Catholic against the oppressive ruling Protestant faith on 5th November 1605. Nowadays we have fireworks parties from the middle of October through to the middle of November, and dogs don’t like any of it. Lewes fireworks are the big one round here, and it is so popular they do not advertise it.
If you are running a firework party you probably want to have insurance. The rates have, to turn a phrase, sky-rocketed. And as you would expect, the fire brigade have a webpage on this:



The LaughLab experiment has now finished. For over a year, huge numbers of people from all over the world have sent in their favourite jokes and rated how funny they found the jokes submitted by others. LaughLab certainly captured the public’s imagination � the received over 40,000 jokes and almost 2 million ratings!
Most interesting is the difference in styles of humour from differnet countries.

1 October 02


This site is entirely devoted to webcams that have been set up in some game reserves in South Africa There are static cameras and also cameras attached to vehicles that go on safari twice a day through the bush.
When you go onto the website, you click the camera of your choice on the left and you get real-time pictures on game around waterholes or out in the bush.
I found “CamTracker” (which is first on the list) to be the most fascinating because when I first went on it, there was a herd of zebra around a waterhole and they stayed there for hours.
It抯 an amazing feeling to be sitting in your home in Sussex watching Zebra 6,000 miles away as they play and socialise and it抯 in real time – it抯 happening as you抮e watching it. INCREDIBLE.

CAM REPLAYS gives you footage of past activities and you can click through it frame by frame.
You have to register but it抯 a quick and easy process.


Another webcam is situated in Tembe Elephant Reserve, also at a waterhole. and when I logged on on Saturday, there was a very regal black and white buck just dipping its head and drinking. It looked like a Nyala buck or a kudu. but I wasn抰 sure, and then it must have got spooked because it disappeared very quickly.
These are two amazing sites – everchanging (albeit slowly) and totally fascinating.


In the old days it used to be Dr Spock that could always help parents with their problems. Now tigerchild.com covers a broad range of child issues. Sections on the site include:  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Health  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Education  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Parenting  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Child care  http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/redball.gif” width=”14″ height=”14″ alt=”” border=”0″>
And the usual shop to buy children-related products.

All these sections are EXTENSIVE and IN-DEPTH and deal with things like single parents, legal issues, social issues, safety, financial assistance and maternity benefits.
The leisure section deals with all the usual children抯 activities, but also includes a section on facilities and entertainment for disabled children.
A link on the site takes you to …


Very useful sections, including activities for Under-5s and “After School Activities”. This lists all the activities centres, sports training, drama schools and riding schools – countrywide … You select your county to get a very wide choice of places to go and things to do to keep your kids out of trouble!

FREE GAMES section for kids … But I tried playing UFO Attack and got splatted in about 3 seconds!


Interested in toilets? I laughed when I first saw this site and thought I couldn抰 possibly mention it here … But then I got hooked on looking at the photos of the different toilets through the ages – up to a modern-day microwave toilet! The site is on a toilet museum created by a Dr Pathak in New Delhi, India. Given the somewhat crude facilities available in much of India, it抯 a subject that is taken very seriously over there. There’s a good article on the evolution of toilets through the ages as well.
A similar theme is a in booklet ‘Secrets from the Smallest Room’ which costs �from Southern Water



A touch of culture here. William Topaz McGonagall is famous for being a bad poet. Example:
“Poor souls it was enough to have driven them frantic,
To be drifting about waterlogged in the Atlantic . . .”
The website has dozens poems with such crazed couplets, with very little regard for the scan.
Someone else who wrote odd poetry was Ogden Nash. There are dozens of sites quoting him; try
for starters


http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/surfn248.gif” width=”60″ height=”60″ border=”0″ alt=”Goring-by-Sea” align=”left” hspace=”15″>
http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/bluplus.gif” width=”100%” height=”5″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”top”>

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http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/limearrow.gif” width=”11″ height=”11″ alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”5″>
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