Radio and TV Stations

Local FM Radio Stations (see also below)
90.1 BBC R2
92.3 BBC R3
94.5 BBC R4
95.3 BBC SCR Brighton
95.8 Capital London
96.1 BBC Solent Southampton
96.6 Spirit – Chichester
97.1 Delta Hazelmere, Surrey
97.5 Mercury Horsham
99.7 BBC R1
101.9 ClassicFM London
103.5 SouthernFM Brighton
105.2 Wave105 Southampton
105.8 Virgin London
106.2 Heart London
106.4 Bright Brighton
107.2 Juice Brighton
107.7 SplashFM Worthing

TV and Radio Programmes

TV Channels for Goring area
(Users of cable or satellite will have more options)

Radio channels for Goring area:

The full list of all the many local radio stations is on

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