Goring Gap: a poem from Ferring

Hail to our neighbours across Goring Gap,
Join hands in thanks for Nature’s bounty,
And impartial planners with detailed map,
Environmental guardians of our County.

Divided in Parishes, Districts, Constituencies,
Together we have a cause to defend,
To save Goring Gap from developers’ influencies
And entrepreneurial blight forfend.

A quiet vista from hills to horizon,
Arable Downs and seaside embracing,
Scenic diversity in rarest union,
Space and refreshment on all bestowing.

A network of foorpaths, refuge for wildlife,
Greensward sea-walks and Ilex incomparable,
Tree-lined Aldsworth to calm traffic’s strife,
Ferring, haven of peace inestimable.

A precious inheritance, easily lost,
By development dissipated, as water wears stone.
If urban sprawl at last meets the coast,
For the throwaway culture can the future atone.

Herbert Zetter
South Ferring


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