pictures of the beach” width=”300″ height=”206″ border=”0″ alt=”Fishermen on the Beach” align=”right” hspace=”20″>


The Fishermen

There are two fishermen who sell their catch from the beach, one marked by a Canadian flag nea Sea Lane, the other near the Jetski ramp. Cod is good. Plaice and huss are very plentiful, and certain to have been caught that very day.” width=”250″ height=”304″ border=”0″ alt=”Albert the fisherman’s seagull” align=”right” hspace=”20″>


Albert the fisherman’s seagull

Normally hanging around the fisherman waiting for the best fish heads.” width=”300″ height=”156″ border=”0″ alt=”Five dogs playing on the beach” align=”left” hspace=”20″>

Dogs on the Beach

There are about 2500 dogs in Goring but the beach at low tide is big enough for as many as want walkies. A lot of sand, and some rocky pools to splash in. I am just glad they are not coming home in my car.” width=”250″ height=”277″ border=”0″ alt=”A dog with a fish” align=”right” hspace=”20″>

He’s caught a fish

The fish is a dog fish, of course. Looks like small shark with a very tough leathery skin. When eaten by humans it is called huss or rock salmon and is very tasty.” width=”300″ height=”167″ border=”0″ alt=”Horses on the beach” align=”left” hspace=”20″>


Horses on the beach

Horses are either ridden down from the stables at Highdown or Ferring, or come down in horseboxes parked at the Goring Gap. There are long stretches of sand at low water for a gallop in the surf.” width=”250″ height=”299″ border=”0″ alt=”A Paracart on the beach at Marine Crescent” align=”right” hspace=”20″>



Three-wheeled buggies, towed by man-lifting kites, on the beach. Or as almost the exclusive sport on a windy day, in the wide grass area of Marine Crescent. An exciting sport in which to partake, or to watch, especially as they rocket up the steep slope of the sea wall.” width=”250″ height=”269″ border=”0″ alt=”The Beach Patrol” align=”right” hspace=”20″>


The Beach Patrol

The Beach Patrol is seen a couple of times each day, checking for beach hut damage, or other nuisance. In summer there is also a rigid-hull inflatable which looks after sea users. And if all else fails there is a helicopter rescue from Shoreham airport.


Break for a quote

“There is nothing, absolutely nothing,
quite so much fun
as simply messing about in boats.”

Kenneth Graham – Wind in the Willows.” width=”300″ height=”147″ border=”0″ alt=”Jetskis at the jetski ramp” align=”right” hspace=”20″>


Love them or loath them, they are well organised here. There is a defined channel out to the line of yellow markers with a speed limit of 8pmh, and only outside the markers at the low tide line is unrestricted running allowed. There are always some defaulters, chased by the beach patrol in a rigid inflatable.

They used to be single-person, standup craft. Now they tend to be two or three-person craft for the cost of a small motor car. The new name is PWC (Personal Water Craft), and they are gradually cleaning up their image.” width=”300″ height=”200″ border=”0″ alt=”Boats on the beach” align=”left” hspace=”20″>

Yachts and wind surfers

Even in the roughest weather, in fact some say it is more fun when the waves are steep.” width=”250″ height=”363″ border=”0″ alt=”Worthing Yacht Club” align=”left” hspace=”20″>

Worthing Yacht Club

Worthing Yacht Club at the East end of the seas front at Goring is very active all Summer with races at high tide every weekend.


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