Goring-by-Sea Millennium Map

Background to the Parish Map

The Goring-by-Sea Millennium Map is one of 85 being created in West Sussex and one of 3000 in the UK. In West Sussex, Goring was one of the first to be printed and distributed. Not that it is a race, but its success is due to the leadership of Jane Bond and her team. All the 4000 parishes in West Sussex were invited to take part, but only a few have been able to put together a team with efficient leadership to produce results.

The Parish Map idea was moted by an organisation called Common Ground in 1980. They sponsored 30 parishes thoughout the UK as a pilot to see what could be created with local talent and whether there were benefits to the communities in running such a project.

They found that besides the artistic and historic maps produced there were consistent benefits to the parishes:

  • To come together in the parish.
  • To catalogue what it is that they love, what it is that they value, what it is that they cherish for the future
  • To record the things that are taken for granted – This is our parish and this is the way we want it to continue.
  • To express the identity of the parish.
  • To draw the boundary round the parish; this part of the country is ours.

  • To denote the parish, which otherwise would be swallowed up in a conurbation of houses stretching out from the towns across the countryside.

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