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Worthing lucky in Lottery and in Quiz
Worthing’s Clare Barwick won the first million pound quiz prize on Chris Evans live Virgin Radio show. The show beat Chris Tarrant’s Millionaire show to the magic million figure, and with what we thought were equally challenging questions.
We commented before that residents in Worthing have more than our share of National Lottery big prizes. Now we hear that we are doing quite well from funding of Lottery community projects. There have been 40,000 (£7.5b)projects helped in the UK in the five years of Lottery. Arun has 43 (£5.6m), Adur has 21 (£1.9m), Worthing has 24 (£1m).
(Worthing Advertiser 17 Nov 99)

Worthing Structure Plan
WBC have published Worthing Local Plan Review, November 99 and invite comments on the proper forms by 13 Dec 99. Not a lot new for Goring. The Business Park (B4) is still in the plan for the A27 intersection. The 800 houses at West Durrington has been fleshed out with a more detailed guideline for potential developers. And the sports activity centre and better houses near the Yacht Club seems to be firming up. The Goring Gap is still protected. Copies can be seen at the Libraries.

Road Works in West Sussex
SouthernFM radio broadcast traffic news all the time, as do all the other local radio stations. To tell SouthernFM but hold-ups dial 0845-607-1010.
The is a webpage on traffic problems run by WSCC on

Nissan HQ to be Refurbished
The huge warehouse at West Durrington originally built for Nissan UK before that company’s fiasco is to be refurbished and let. Columbia have part of the site. It will be interesting to see who moves into the rest.
(Worthing Herald 11 Nov 99)

Tramp moved on
An elderly tramp has been living beneith some tree roots in the Plantation near Goring Hall. Efforts by the social services, the police, even the fire brigade have not proved useful. Now he has formal notice to quit, and the woodlands are being restored.

Lethal Games
Kids aged 12 -16 were seen on a police video on TV at Goring-by-Sea railway station trying to kill themselves. One was balancing on the 750v third rail. Another was throwing metal bars to short the live rail to the running rails. Another had hung on the outside of the carriage all the way from Durrington to Goring. Vandalism and graphiti have for some time been a problem at Goring. If you have children, please try and get them not to play these games. The videos were actually recorded over the August Bank Holiday, and since then, the police have been interviewing the boys concerned.

Loo of the Year Awards
Four Worthing seafront loos near the pier, (excuse the pun) have been nominated for the British Toilet Association Loo of the Year Awards. Also the council have voted money to upgrade the loos at Sea Lane Cafe, and at the Plantation which are heavily used especially during the summer months. The loo at the Plantation is currently closed because it has been vandalised, and council will refurbish it in a way which will minimise this threat in future.
(Worthing Herald 21 Oct 99)

Worthing No 1 for Profitability
For the second year running Worthing has been nominated as No 1 for company profitability in a survey of 235,000 companies in 280 towns across the country carried out by Experian. Three-quarters of the companies based in the town are making a profit, and the average profit per firm is 24.71%, up 5% on 1998, which compares with second Llandudno with 16.5%, and third Redcar in Cleveland with 14.76%. Top county was Tyne and Wear, though the South had 7 out of the top most profitable counties, West Sussex being rated 5th.
(Daily Express 19 Oct 99)

Gold in his pies
Butcher Frank Dean in Mulberry shopping came home with three accolades from the British Meat SE Region Awards. Frank has owned the shop for nine years, having started working there 17 years earlier.
(Worthing Guardian 22 Oct 99)

Shoreham Airport Expansion
To relieve pressure on Gatwick, they would like to start running daily flights to UK and European destinations. They are talking about 70 seat low-noise turbo-props. It is going to take some time to set this up, perhaps even with a new railway station.
(Worthing Guardian 22 Oct 99)

Ferring Millennium Tapestry
The Ilex Avenue will be featured on one of the panels of the Millennium tapistry which will be mounted in the Tudor Rose pub. Joyce Cooper is the organiser, and can be contacted on 01903-249136
(Worthing Herald 21 Oct 99)

Excellent Education Results
West Sussex spends 12% above the governments guidelines on education. And the results are excellent. At GCSE and A-Level, and also at the junior Key Stage 1,2,and 3 we are well up on the national average.
(West Sussex Gazette 14 Oct 99)” width=”200″ height=”270″ border=”0″ alt=”The Dome Cinema at Worthing” hspace=”10″ align=”left”>
Dome Cinema saved
Worthing’s historic Dome Cinema has been closed since April for safety reasons, but has now received Lottery funding for refurbishment. This has triggered contributions from two other sources, so there is money for immediate work so that The Dome can reopen later this year; money to do a proper study into what should be done, and money in the budget for 2001 for a full refurbishment which might take 18 months. Our congratulations to the Worthing Dome and Regeneration Trust for pushing this through.
The Dome is the country’s oldest working cinema, and the only full time cinema in Worthing.

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