News 2004

Eirene Road development back to the drawing board
Leisure and low-density housing are now the twin themes of the Eirene Road development, near the Yacht Club. There could be a doctor’s surgery there as well. We await a new consultation document with impatience.

No 8 Bus Service goes to Compass
We understand that the valuable No 8 bus service through Goring and on to Ferring is for the chop at the end of November, but a service will provided by Compass to replace it.

The Chill wind doth blow
There has only been a couple of days this year when we have been down on the beach without a windbreak protecting us. Good sunshine, little rain, but chilly breeze. It has always been known as Windy Worthing, but this applies to most of the south coast, including Breezey Bognor. Same sort of tag as Boring Goring, probably true, but true also to a wider selection of towns.

Ferring produce Parish Plan
After a lot of work by a large and energetic committee, Ferring launched their new Parish Plan on 23 October at a well attended meeting at the Parish Hall. Many of the local societies took stands to advertise their part in the community. Over 100 suggestions have now been received, and the final version will be available shortly.

National Lottery good for Goring
In the last 10 years, there have been a number of local winners of the National Lottery. And local projects have received Lottery funding. Most recently the Ilex and Goring Gap interpretation boards were paid for by the Lottery. We note that 38, 25, and 31 are the luckiest numbers and may stay lucky. Unluckiest are 13, 41, and 20 and these a surely due to come up. I shall watch for a winning line of these six numbers, in numerical order 13, 20, 25, 31, 38, 41

Tree pruning planned for December
The trees in Sea Lane, Goring are maintained by WSCC from their office at Broadbridge Heath. They were last done in June 2001 and, as it is a three year cycle, they will be done again this December 2004. We have asked for improvement of the sight-lines at the Sea Lane Cafe roundabout, and raising the crown on the bushed trees to help Neighbourhood Watch see across the road.

Worthing wins SE England in Bloom
Worthing came first in the City class in the SE England in Bloom contest. The competition is judged on many criteria, not just colourful summer flowers. Worthing gained marks for community involvement, environmental awareness and conservation practices, residential and commercial displays, cleanliness, and lack of graffiti. And the Ilex Conservation Group got a Certificate of Excellence. Well done all.
Highdown Gardens has also won the covetted Green Flag for excellence again this year.

Mulberry Gardens has no car park
The car park in Mulberry Gardens, behind SOTAS in the Mulberry, will not be a car park again. It is privately owned and was for ever used as a dumping ground for old sofas and wrecked cars. So there will be a couiple of houses there instead.

Graffiti gets no better
Eight shops at St John’s Parade were covered with graffiti in the early hours of Tuesday 31 August.
This follows a bad attack at Tescos in Durrington. Generally the sea front gets more than its share too. And some of the graffiti is obscene as well. On the litter problem, WBC say they will probably do an additional collection each day during the school summer holidays next year. And after a six month delay we actually have a replacement litter bin at the sea end of Sea Lane Ferring. Well done Arun.

New marker on Sea Lane Outfall
The storm-water outfall at Sea lane has a new marker at the end. The black floating marker though has gone. Will it be repalced? The single spike 600 metres out in the channel looks a bit lonely. How long before boat hits it?

Rotary Carnival enjoys splendid sunshine
Starting at Marine Crescent, it was not as big as in some years past, but a good turnout, with floats, bands and pom-pom girls. The 2nd Durrington Sea Scouts won first prize with their excellent Jungle Book float. Lets have more local entries next year.

NCP parking tickets at Sea Lane
If you don’t park neatly in the marked bays at the Sea Lane Cafe, NCP will be round giving you a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) to be paid the same day somewhere down in Worthing. Several people have been caught parking outside the toilets – where people have always been able to park. There are no notices or warnings. Definitely not fair. The town centre car parks are being refurbished by NCP. And there is a better ticketting system that actually gives change.

Vandalism gets no better
And some of the graffiti is obscene as well. A bad attack at Tescos in Durrington is the blackspot this week, but the sea front gets more than its share too. On the litter problem, WBC say they will probably do an additional collection each day during the school summer holidays next year.

Cycle Path Phase 2 announced
The sea front cyclepath Phase 2 is from Splash Point to George V Avenue. We have suggested to WSCC who are doing the planning that if they are going to do this, then it ought to be west as far as Sea Place to avoid the traffic in George V Avenue. WBC will discuss the plans on November 20th and there will be public consultation. Work will start next spring. Phase 3 is at Lancing as far as Shoreham which seems a good idea. Goring is not being mentioned so perhaps it is accepted that the existing route along Marine Crescent should continue.

No Permanent traveller’s site at Rustington
WSCC had plans to set up a permanent travellers site on the A259 near Sainsbury’s at Rustington. Rustington and Ham Manor residents were undertsandably worried about this, and held a protest meeting. WSCC are now looking for an alternative site in the area. Until they find one, travellers can be expected to camp on random doorsteps in the area and will stay there each time for 10 days.

Phoenix Surgery OK til August 2007
According to the new owner of Beach House in Sea Lane, Goring, the doctors need not move until August 2007. And after that he is prepared to discuss a larger surgery facility on the same site. So not to panic yet. The planning application for a surgery at the Mulberry carpark was turned down but may be re-submitted with better space for cars.

Steeles concentrate on Teville Road
Steeles of Worthing are still selling petrol (and sweets of course) at Aldsworth roundabout, but are concentrating their car sales at their main site at Teville Road. They are open to offers for anyone who wants a showroom opposite Aldsworth.

Goring is 90% recycled
The WBC recycling crew say that Goring does a good job on recycling with nine out of ten households using their grey boxes. Top marks go to Masrine Crescent which has 94% participation. There are also a lot of brown garden waste sacks out for green collection, and we suspect that many households take their green waste direct to Dominion Road. The green waste is converted into compost at a WBC site in Titnore Lane. Currently this is used as soil conditioner for agriculture, but we expect it to be available to be used in a domestic setting in Spring 2005.
As August 30 is a Bank Holiday the rubbish and Recycling collection slips a day. And note that they can now accept telephone directories in the recycling.

Worthing in Bloom 2004
Goring again did well in the annual Worthing in Bloom competition.
Best Residential Road Winner: Aldsworth Court, Aldsworth Avenue, Goring
   Highly Commended Willow House, Goring Chase
Goring Area Winner: Mr L Brooks, 31 Raleigh Way
   Commended: Mrs E Cole, 9 Raleigh Way
Best Garden for Schools and Youth Groups:
   Palatine School, Palatine Road

Brighton City Airport
You did not know there was one did you. Brighton City Airport is what they are now calling Shoreham Airport – at least in the advert for EuroExec flights to Le Touquet, Rouen, Guernsey, Jersey.

English Heritage to help Castle Goring
BBC South Today featured English Heritage who want to help Castle Goring which is Grade I listed but is on the Buildings at Risk Register. The managers of the forign languages school have done their best but it is really up to Mr Somerset who is the owner to show some interest in preserving this valuable heritage. WBC consultants will report later in the year on the amount of cash that needs to be spent to bring the building up to scratch.

Sea Defence work at Lancing
Huge barges have been bringing 10-ton rocks from Larvic in Norway to build new groines, and dredgers have been bringing ballast from the sea 10 miles south of the Isle of Wight. When they did the work at Ferring they dumped the material at the low water mark and used a fleet of trucks to bring it up the beach. At Lancing they have a metre diameter pipe from the dredger moored 600 metres out, and wash the material through the pipe to the shore. A spectacular operation. Phase 1 at the Shoreham end is finished. Phase 2 is along the front at Lancing Green. Phase 3 in 2005 is as far as Brooklands.

Goring Road resurfaced
We have been complaining about the potholes in Goring Road for some time. Now it is done and looking very smart. The cycle tracks have been repainted, but this time a fetching shade of green.

Raising the Crown in Ilex Avenue
A small project to ‘raise the crown’ of some of the holm oaks in Ilex Avenue and stop them bushing, has given a clean fresh look to the area near the cricket ground. In the photo you can now see the convoluted growth of these famous trees which tend to branch out just off the ground and then grow in all directions at once.

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