News Jan-Mar 2003

Only one in five speed cameras have film
Apparently only a few of the many speed cameras on every exit from Goring have film at any one time. But I do know the one the other side of Brighton has a film and it cost me £60 and three points. Oh bother.

(Worthing Herald 27 Mar 03)

Reaction to West Durrington housing exhibition
A survey was conducted during a public exhibition on the proposed West Durrington housing, at West Durrington Community Centre. More than 650 people attended the exhibition and 273 survey forms were completed, with a further 300 residents visiting a web site on the issue.
Looking at the detailed report at shows as follows:
29 per cent are against the development, only 9% were for. The rest did not express an opinion and perhaps accept it will go ahead anyway.
85 per cent of people were against the widening of Titnore Lane, favouring traffic calming measures instead.
67 per cent favoured access to the new estate via Titnore Lane and Fulbeck Avenue rather than Fulbeck Avenue and Tasman Way.

There is also a fear that more houses in the area will make crime problems worse and a concern about the loss of ancient woodland.

Spring is Sprung
Now that spring has officially come, we cannot escape having a picture of the Goring daffodils.

And preparing for the summer, contractors have cleared the two boat ramps, and have put the shingle up near the Sea Lane Cafe where there has been considerable erosion.

You need a licence to work on the beach
Southern Water found out at a late stage that the extension of the storm water outfall at Sea Place near the yacht club, was longer than the regulations allowed. They had to apply for planning permission, and also a licence from the Government. Contractor Nuttall Hynes had to stop work in October, just two weeks from finishing the job. They have now taken away their new pipes and valves, and repaired the concrete path. The expectation is that they will come back and finish the job before then end of May.

WSCC website in the top 20
For the second year running the WSCC website has been voted into the top-20 local authoity websites. Mind you, there are some very poor ones out there. There is certainly a lot of good stuff on the WSCC site.” width=”11″ height=”11″ alt=”*” border=”0″ hspace=”10″>

Train guards strikes
Friday 28 March, Monday 31, Thursday 17 April. The way I read this is that there will be a London – Brighton service and an hourly shuttle along the coast.” width=”11″ height=”11″ alt=”*” border=”0″ hspace=”10″>

The 42 year old Commander speaks
Our thoughts are with the Coalition men and women in Iraq. The battle speech of Lt. Colonel Tim Collins are worth saving as one of the great speeches of all time.

Improved waste collection programme starts June 23
Worthing Borough Council will spend £20,000 to publicise an improved waste collection programme which starts on 23 June. The changes include increased recycling and composting to reduce the use of costly landfill sites. But binmen will only collect rubbish from the front of people’s homes, not from alleyways or the sides of houses.

Cycle Ramps in the Plantation
We have not been jumping up and down about boys using the Plantation near Amberley Drive for digging cycle ramps; it is better that they are there rather than on the streets. But now they have up-rooted the benches from the Goring Hall playing fields, and that is just not on. The authorities are aware and hopefully it will not happen again and on 1st April the contractors filled in the holes. Long may it last.

Goring Gap Litter
WBC men have been clearing litter from roads in the Goring Gap. But it is a big job and sometimes the wind finds new litter to blow onto the area as soon as it is cleared. We are grateful for their efforts, and hope they can keep it up.

Van torched in Alinora Carpark
A van was burnt out in the Alinora Carpark this week. Normally they do these things in the Goring Gap, doing it so close to houses is unusual. The police were examining the chared remains, and it was quickly removed. Apparently the van belonged to a plumber, was stolen from Aldsworth Avenue, and was used in a ram-raid on Freshcos.

Growing Cynicism
Whoever I talk to, I hear the words ‘oh, you don’t want to believe them!’ Not only about advertising, about words from Number 10, but also about statements by our local council. What is getting into us that we should have this attitude?

Sahara sand covers Goring
While the military are troubled by the Iraq sandstorms, Goring has not escaped either. What with salt spray and Sahara sand you have to clean the windows far too often. According to Philip Eden, the weather wiz on the back page of the Saturday Telegraph, we are likely to get fine sand deposits about 20m days a year. It blows several miles into the sky above the Azores and thence to us on a South West wind.

Whitehall want yet more houses in Worthing
Apparently 850 new homes at West Durrington is not enough. The government want to step this up to 1000. The fight continues.
(Argus 20 Mar 03)

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