News Apr-June 2002

Four Jubilee days with no rain
On the front there was a big crowd on Sunday despite the brisk breeze. The breeze was enjoyed by the para-surfers, some of whom are very skilled, leaping several feet in the air over the waves.
On Saturday evening there were a number of people on the beach watching the firework display clearly visible from Goring across the water to the pier at Worthing.
And as soon as the holiday ended we had heavy rain; over one and half inches on Thursday. The new ditch in the Plantation was really earning its keep.

ZAPs at Plumpton

St Mary’s Church ZAPs Youth Group was one of over twenty similar
Groups from all over Sussex to take part in the Diocesan Spring Camp at Plumpton Racecourse near Lewes. As well as being a Religious Festival with workshops, music games and many other attractions the Queen’s Jubilee was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Almost five hundred young people and adults attended in what must hold the record of being the largest street party in the County.

Jelly Fish on the Beach
A jelly fish stranded by the tide on the beach near the plantation
midday on Saturday was described in World Cup parlance as being half the size of a football. Mothers were calling “come away dear” and dog owners shouted “leave!”. An unusual visitor particularly so early in the season.

West Sussex Social Services rated as promising
Children’s services in West Sussex were serving most of its population well and its prospects were “promising”. Its adults’ services were serving some of the population well and its prospects were “excellent”.
East Sussex did not come out so well. With 10 other councils they achieved no stars at all.
(Argus 29 May 02)

Brown Burmese Cat missing
It looks like a black cat, but is rather special, missing from Falmer Avenue. Please check your sheds and garages – 01903- 501243

Worthing in International Signal Flags
Along the pier at Worthing the word WORTHING is spelled out in International Signal Flags. Here is what they really mean.

Tip is closed Monday 3 June
To save you a wasted journey, the tip at Dominion Road is closed on Bank Holiday Monday 3rd June.

Protect Our Woods in Titnore Lane
Over 250 people braved the weather on Sunday to make their views known on the proposed development at West Durrington. They marched, with their banners, from Northbrook roundabout to the Arundel Road and back. The police were there in force and the road had been closed. The procession was calm and good natured, but determined that no trees should be felled.” width=”234″ height=”156″ alt=”Severn Class lifeboat David and Elizabeth Acland” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
Local RNLI Lifeboat kept busy
Newhaven lifeboat launched 41 times last year. A yacht in distress in a gale off Brighton, a jet-skier with a suspected broken back in the harbour entrance and a woman trapped up a yacht’s mast with a broken arm off Brighton were some of the cases. Mr Johns appealed for people at sea and going to the beach to be more safety conscious. Newhaven is one of the busiest lifeboat stations in Sussex and the Severn class lifeboat the largest type in the RNLI’s fleet.

Cyclist falls off bike
Coming off the new cycle track at The Mulberry, a lady cyclist collided with a car who also was not looking where she was going. Instantly a dozen passers by used their mobiles to phone for help, a police car stopped, two motorcycle cops arrived at speed, and no less than three ambulances. The lady had by this time remounted her bike and ridden home.

Stop BMX cycling in the Plantation
The Plantation is a recreational area to be enjoyed by everyone and it is a well known and well used facility. Unfortunately a small group of youngsters is using it as a cycle trials track building earth mounds which could be dangerous to other users. It may not be long before an accident occurs although the authorities fill in the holes as soon as they can. BMX cycling and skateboarding are still popular pastimes and
perhaps someone might come up with an idea as to a suitable safe area where this might take place without inconveniencing others.

Goring Parish Jubilee Party success” width=”151″ height=”200″ alt=”” border=”0″>
Jo Blackwell
Pam Chilton
Matilda and Molly Blackwell” width=”200″ height=”130″ alt=”” border=”0″>
The teatime singalong

Three hundred people came to the Goring Jubilee Party on Saturday the 18th May at St Mary’s Church Hall. The new Mayor of Worthing Eric Mardell made this one of his first engagements since his inauguration on Friday. He commented on the splendid atmosphere of the occasion.

Doctor says he will fight
Dr Peter Sandon who used to run one of Britain’s scruffiest surgeries at 263 Goring Road before he retired last year, has condemned the “mountain of paperwork” hindering GPs. He is to appeal after his professional body decided he should be struck off. He said today: “I went into medicine to look after people, not paper.” Subject to appeal, he has been banned from practising by a the General Medical Council’s professional conduct committee.
(Argus 21 May 02)

Worthing in Bloom entries now open
You too can win a trophy this Summer. Let Chelsea Flower Show be an inspiration. Apply now. Entry forms from the libraries or from Clare Handley 01903-239999

Robbers hit the Mulberry
It was either Goring Road, West Worthing, or Goring Road, Goring depending which paper you read. Even the police seem confused. A van driver was shoved to the ground and robbed as he left a cash dispenser. Two men hit him and grabbed a black bank wallet containing cash at 9.45am on Friday. The victim was shaken, cashless, but not injured.
(Argus 20 May 02)

Worthing Local Plan Review
WBC have not accepted all the Inspectors recommendations and now have available their amendments to the Local Plan. We can only comment on the amendments, not the original text.
There is no mention of houses at Durrington or at Goring Hall. It may be that these topics are in the small print somewhere. Or it may be that they are sitting on the fence until the LibDems have their feet under the table.” width=”320″ height=”200″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
Plane lands on beach
About 3pm Sunday a Beachcraft 35 plane took off from Shoreham and immediately developed engine trouble. Picking an empty stretch of beach near Marine Gardens he handed safely. The pilot and two passengers had whiplash injuries but were safe. The plane was removed on Tuesday
(Argus 20 May 02)” width=”320″ height=”200″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
ASDA store picture released
ASDA still seem keen to build on the school site at Durrington Station despite the screams of wrath from the residents and other shops. WBC Planning are just getting adjusted to the LibDems coming to power and are not currenly expressing a view.
(Argus 16 May 02)

The Worthing Herald
are running a Poll to find whether you approve or do not approve the ASDA project. At the moment it is neck and neck. Vote now and vote often!

Whats is happening at the Mulberry
Men are at work at the Mulberry with a large number of barriers and cones. Better access for the disabled is planned. And the traffic islands will in future have lighted beacons. It will be nice when it is finished.

Beach re-profiled for the Summer
Bulldozers are at work smoothing the shingle to make it easier for people to swim. 25 degreesC today so it is a timely exercise.

Rolls’ will roll in Jan 2003
Work has started on the new BMW Rolls Royce plant next to Goodwood motor racecourse at Chichester. Staff are being hired, and operations start the first few weeks of 2003.
The entrance to the site is right opposite the motor racing circuit which will be used for testing and for buyers first demonstrations. The buildings will be concealed with extensive landscaping.
(Argus 7 May 02)

More appropriate Mast at Yacht Club
The mobile radio mast at the Yacht Club is now proposed to be mounted on the roof of the clubhouse, and to be used by the club for race control flags. A more elegant solution, but nevertheless we anticipate protest from the neighbours.

Local Purge on Road Fund Licences
The police have promised a purge on cars parked in Goring, Maybridge and Ferring that do not have a current licence. They did this in Brighton recently and after a quick check to try and find the current owner, over 600 cars were towed away and crushed. You have been warned.

Beach Hut threatened with repossession
The worst of the 8 beach huts which are obviously neglected has been threatened with repossession. 28 days notice has been given to fix it up, and then follows another 28 days notice until WBC sell the space to someone else. We wonder whether they paid their site rent either.

Dogs Discover Distressed Jogger
Barking dogs alerted their owners to a jogger collapsed on the sea wall at the Plantation in Goring early Saturday morning. Of course no one had their mobile phone with them, isn’t it always the way? Ringing some doorbells at last got a resident out of bed to ring for an ambulance which was quickly on the scene. The man was obviously poorly, but in good hands as he was carried 200 yards to the ambulance and hopefully a full recovery.

Lib Dems grab Worthing
They needed just two seats to secure a hung council but went one better, leaving the council with 19 Lib Dems and 17 Conservatives.
The Lib Dems snatched Selden, Castle and Gaisford wards from the Conservatives. The turnout was 30.67 per cent. Goring results:

Castle: Maria Moynan (LD) 966; Mark O’Keeffe* (C) 633; Peter Barnes (L) 238; Derek Colkett (G) 56. LD gain.
Goring: David Marchant (C) 1800; Nick Rodgers (LD) 724.

With the change of power, Coun Livermore has stood down as Mayor elect and Coun Mardell who held on to Broadwater ward with a massive majority is expected to be Mayor.

Do you want foxes in your garden?
There are probably 40 urban foxes in Goring. Some people love them, others are not so keen. To get rid of foxes from your garden and encourage them to go elsewhere, ring the Fox Project: 0906-272-4411

Ilex Conservation Group gets Jubilee Award
The Awards for All Jubilee Fund have awarded the Ilex Conservation Group �04 representing half funding for four Interpretation Boards to be installed in Goring. Three of the boards will show the history of the Ilex Avenue and the fourth on the sea wall and show the history and importance of the Goring Gap.
Draft designs will be on show at the Ilex AGM at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd May in St Mary’s Hall where also Dr Peter Brandon of the CPRE will discuss the pros and cons of the South Downs National Park.” width=”320″ height=”200″ alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”15″> Smart new flags along the seafront
27 Union and England flags have been donated to an appeal launched by The Argus to help brighten up Worthing promenade this summer. 40 boys from Worthing Dynamos FC were present at the handover ceremony at Worthing beach office. The flags will be flown from mid-May to September along five miles of seafront stretching from East Worthing to Goring. Goring Residents’ Association donated a flag – would you like to donate one too?
(Argus 19 Apr 02)

Parish Jubilee Party 18 May
Goring Residents’ Association is now helping plan the Parish Jubilee Party, which will be held at St Mary’s Church Hall. on Saturday the 18th May from 4 to 10pm. Tea, Sing-a-long, disco, bar, BBQ – will be included in the entertainment.

It really sounds an excellent idea as it is hoped that a lot of people will come during the event according to their preference of entertainment.Tickets � Contact Jo Blackwell on 01903 507563.

Planet watcher harrassed
Former RAF Squadron Leader Laurie West drove his buggy down Goring Street to watch the planets, away from the street lights that spoil the view from other places. He was harrassed by a gang of lager drinking youths. After rocking the buggy and banging on the windows they got bored and wandered off. Not a good advertisement for peaceful Goring.

Local Council Elections 2nd May
May 2nd is Election day. Your candidates are:
Goring ward: David Marchant, Cons – Nick Rogers, Lib Dem
Castle ward: Peter Barnes, Labour – Derek Colkett, Green Party –
Maria Moynan, Lib Dem – Mark O’Keefe, Cons.” width=”200″ height=”150″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
Drainage work starts in Gerald Road
Work has started on the contractors compound in the green area near the Yacht Club. The project is to improve the drainage in Gerald Road, not in our parish. The work may last a year, after which the area will be landscaped.
(Worthing Herald 18 Apr)

Windmill on the A259
It has been almost 180 years since the 14th Century windmill last graced historic Highdown Hill. Now a planning application has been submitted for a �5,000 30m-high traditional Sussex smock windmill at McIntyre Nursery in Ferring. There could also be a visitor centre, shop and a car park for eight vehicles.
(Worthing Herald 18 Apr)

Dump fridges free at the Council Tip
Dominion Road tip will take your old fridge free. Please don’t just leave it on the side of the road, it is anti-social.

Worthing Cordylines looking good
The palm trees have all been planted. Pretty lights are being renewed. More flowers arrive all the time. Its going to look fine down near the pier.

Work on the Coastal Strip
Red Planning signs promise work on the sea front between the Sea Lane Cafe and Ferring. They talk about the Coastal Strip. Is this what happens on a nudist beach?
The work will actually involve repairs to the breakwaters and delivery of a lot more rocks to reinforce the wall.

Local girls do well in London Marathon
Goring’s Julia Gleeson ran the Marathon in 3hours 51minutes – well up in the top third of the 35,000 runners. She ran with five mates from the Aquarena and a big contingent from Worthing Harriers who hired a support bus for the day. A splendid effort.

Two windsurfers in trouble
Shoreham inshore lifeboat rescued two windsurfers off the Worthing Yacht Club in Force 6 winds on Sunday afternoon.
(Worthing Herald 11 April)

No radio mast at Yacht Club
The plan to erect a 15m radio mast at the Yacht Club was withdrawn before reaching the planning meeting.

Unconscious with broken jaw
A man aged 40 was attacked on Monday by a group of teenagers, two boys, two girls outside the Worthing Yacht Club and left unconscious with broken jaw. Not the sort of thing we expect round here at all.
(Worthing Herald 11 Apr 02)

Swampy Battle Lines Drawn
Protect Our Woods is the cry. Campaigning with Worthing Eco-Action. We do not want Titnore Lane widened. We do not want any trees cut down. They have promised to plant two (small) trees for every one cut down, but we all know that 50% of these will not survive even if the vandals to do get them.
There is a protest march 2pm Saturday 26th May, starting at the Titnore Lane entrance to Northbrook College. Come and support us.
Try their website:

(Worthing Guardian 5 Apr 02)

Car hits St Johns Parade Post Office
It was most unfortunate. A customer parked outside the post office in St Johns Parade selected Drive instead of Reverse and shot into the shop door. The car was bent. The door was damaged. But luckily no one was injured.

Our respects on the death of the Queen Mother
When the Queen Mother was a child, she walked under the towering cathedral of oak trees in the Ilex Avenue while staying at nearby Goring Hall mansion, home of the Bowes-Lyon family.
(Argus Supplement 20 Dec 2000)

Early start to Easter Day on the Beach
20 members of the St Mary’s congregation gathered on the beach near the Sea Lane Cafe for an Easter Dawn service. The fact that Sunday coincided with the clocks going forward meant indeed an early start. We commend this display of faithfulness, but local residents were less than entusiastic, partly because there had been a teenage party in the carpark at 2am.

New flags for the Seafront
Last call for contributions to make sure we have a proper display of flags along the seafront. Paul Holden in the Worthing Sentinal has been mounting a campaign to see that the Beach Office have enough flags for all the flagpoles. Goring Residents’ Association have donated one. Would you like to chip in too? Details: 01903-248782 or Please contact us here

West Durrington plans to be changed?
The WBC council minutes state that the review of the Structure Plan has now been completed after consideration of the Inspectors Report and the large number of objections. Details have not yet been announced, but consultation is promised “later in the year”.

Peas in the Goring Gap
Paul Langmede has planted peas in the Goring Gap this year. When they are ripe they can be picked by hand, but this unfortunately is labour intensive. So they will be allowed to dry out and then combined. The dry peas can then either be used in cattle cake, or soaked in water with green dye, and sold in the shops in tins as processed peas.” width=”200″ height=”150″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″> Protest against phone mast grows
Local residents near the Yacht Club are protesting strongly against the proposed 15 metre radio phone mast at the Yacht Club boat park. We sympathise with them. And they are right to protest. If we do not protest, then WBC will think we do not care.
(This Scheme was subsequently withdrawn).
But these masts have to go somewhere, and the boat masts are over 10 metres high anyway. Worthing Yacht Club needed a new flagmast to replace the one that used to be on the front, and any new one will be about the same height, with the same crosspiece and halliards.
BANANA means Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody. The role of local councillors is to balance these two arguments.” width=”200″ height=”150″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
More flowers for pleasant motoring
Pearman’s Jewellers are sponsoring this roundabout at the sea end of George V Avenue. And indeed, all the local roundabouts are looking good. We do think this is a good idea.” width=”143″ height=”173″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
Bob Monkhouse lived in Goring
Bob Monkhouse was at School during the war at Goring Hall. Bet you didn’t know that. Worthing Sentinel newspaper apparently had a two page spread on this a couple of years ago. Are there other famous names who went there? We know Des Lynam lives on the front at East Preston.” width=”150″ height=”236″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
Palms on Worthing Seafront
Eighteen 13ft-high cordylines, imported from Pistoria in Italy at a cost of �0 each, have been planted between Splash Point and Western Place, Worthing. Town leaders hope the first stage of the facelift will help the town recapture the glory years of the early 20th Century, when it was known as the Madeira of England, due to its warm weather and spectacular floral displays.
(Argus March 02)

ASDA protest site now up” width=”11″ height=”11″ alt=”*” border=”0″ hspace=”10″>go there” width=”11″ height=”11″ alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”5″>Archive of previous News Items” alt=”” width=”100%” height=”7″ alt=””>

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