News Feb-Mar 2002

New Cycle track through The Mulberry
There will shortly be a smart new cycle track along the north side of the Mulberry shopping area. They will still have to stop for the pedestrian crossing. Where shall they go next on their way to and from Ferring? It is not yet decided.

Goring avoids worst of Floods
Findon and Angmering had considerable damage from floods of muddy water during the storms on Monday 18 March. Gale force winds and heavy rain swept the whole area.

Four things to worry about
Goring has four major protests going on at the moment. The proposed radio mast at the Yacht Club has the nearby residents up in arms – (this Scheme was subsequently withdrawn).
POW – Protect Our Woods has excited all who worry about the West Durrington development and its effect on trees and the Goring Gap.
The ASDA proposals at Worthing College will have an impact on traffic on Shaftesbury Avenue.
And the mess
left by the travellers around the Alinora carpark still has many people concerned, even though they did clear up some of the litter. We live in exciting times in Goring.

We note that the students of the College are in favour of accepting £20million to improve their facilities. Not too surprising!

New Ditch in the Plantation
They are clearing the ditch that carries surface water down the Plantation, and also making sure that the culvert that carries the flood under Marine Drive and into pipes out to sea is running smoothly. It is a major undertaking and the amount of water in the ditch even in dry weather shows that it is already earning its keep.
The water comes out of a pipe just north of Amberley Drive, but where the pipe comes from is a mystery. It was causing flooding in the gardens of Aldsworth Avenue.

Help Stamp out Vandalism
Many residents are justly concerned by vandalism, graffiti and car dumping in the area most of which is attributed to young people. But now a pile of tree branches and twigs, obviously the result of someone’s pruning were left just below high water mark. They would have had to be carried from either a local garden or from the road and they would have been distributed all along the beach when the tide reached them. We have already referred to the damage to the Tamarisk bushes in the same area and it is most unlikely that these two incidents are the acts of youngsters. If these are examples of behaviour of older generations we really do have cause for concern.” width=”98″ height=”58″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
WSCC wins website acclaim
West Sussex County Council was in the top 20 out of 467 council sites in the Better Connected 2002 survey. It is certainly a very useful website for a wide range of county concerns.

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