News Jan 2002

Crane over Ferring
Do not panic. They are not building a block of flats. The crane is actually way beyond Ferring in the Kingston Gorse and is working on the new palatial residence on the sea front. Replacing an existing large house, the new one will have basement gym, garage for three Bentleys, and many rooms.

New electronic car park signs
Worthing is to spend �0,000 on electronic car park signs. It will be the first town in West Sussex to have 12 illuminated panels at the four multi-storey car parks in town, which will say if car parks have vacant spaces. The signs will be put up at the end of January and should be in operation by March.
(Argus 5 Jan 02)

Bank a euro and pay �50
Thousands of small businesses in Sussex face crippling bank charges for accepting the euro. Most major banks, including NatWest, Barclays, HSBC and the Co-operative Bank, are charging traders to bank the euro into a sterling account. Only larger businesses which can afford a separate euro account will be exempt from the fees.
To cover this fee most stores are giving a very low exchange rate, sometimes as low as 1.51 Euros/pound when the proper rate is about 1.62.
(Argus 5 Jan 02)

House Prices increase
House prices in Worthing are rising faster than in Brighton and Hove, showing the gap is closing between the two seaside resorts. According to a survey by the Nationwide building society, Brighton prices are rising by 24.9 per cent while in Worthing the increase is 25.6 per cent. The average price of a house in Brighton is now �5, 508, in Worthing �3,409. Estate agents in Worthing have noticed a surge of interest in the past year, especially from first time buyers and people pushed out of the city by exorbitant house prices.

Watch this space for Goring News
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