News Jan-May 2001

RM Commando from Goring
An ex Royal Marine Commando, now a Goring resident, who was one of the first ashore on D-Day 1944 spoke of his experiences on the beaches when his team captured a German cash centre – then gave it all away to the locals because they had completed their assignment and expected to come straight home. But in the end they stayed another 3 months on meagre army pay!
This unexpected contribution came at the end of an excellent slideshow to the Goring Residents Association by Alan Readman, archivist from the County Record Office at Chichester talking about the role of Sussex in the run-up to D-Day. He talked of the thousands of troops billeted locally, the building of the Mulberry Harbour in local ports, and the rehearsals and training on Sussex beaches and the Downs.

Andrew Garrett at GRA
Andrew Garrett, one of the three WBC councillors for Castle ward, gave a very clear presentation of the way that councils work to the Goring Residents Association on Thursday 15 February. Currently there are six committees, and about six full council meetings a year. Any decision takes a long time. In order to speed up decisions and make the whole thing more efficient, government guidelines for the future give three options. The council have decided to recommend a leader elected by the council and a cabinet of between 2 and 6 members.
The other two options call for a Mayor elected by the population with either a chief officer or a cabinet as above.
Andrew is collecting signatures to require a referendum so that the population will decide which option. Andrew has the forms. Contact him on 01903-692941

Clearance work in Eirene Road
The wooden hut Bicycle/Surf Shop in Eirene Road near the Yacht Club has been dismantled and taken away. Nothing is planned for this site – there are some existing houses, and the land is owned by WBC. Balloos now stands four-square in an open space and is not under threat.
The land could be sold for housing. Or some members of the council would like a leisure centre here with emphasis on the sea and surfing. We feel this would be expensive to build even with outside grants, and certainly expensive to run.
Nothing will be done until some work has been done on the sea wall, and compared with other parts of Sussex, this one surely cannot have a very high priority.

Ellen MacArthur and Worthing
Congratulations from us for a great sailing achievement.
It seems to have escaped comment that Sablon where Ellen landed is Worthing’s twin town in the the Olonnes area, France. The website is
With French and English versions.

The Real Goring Men
12 Goring men and true, all overweight, some balding, are producing a calendar for 2002, following the style of the popular WI one for the current year. Its all in aid of the Chestnut Tree House Appeal. Business sponsors please step forward. – 01903-244379

Sarah Payne Search Volunteers
A large number of local people turned out to help look for Sarah Payne. Now volunteers have been asked to register their interest to help in such emergencies. 80 people have signed up and received a full briefing at Littlehampton. Since then they have seen called out twice to look for missing persons, most recently for a missing elderly lady when 40 volunteers were organised to search the shore line. Regrettably without success this time.

Police Beat Officers for Goring
The Beat Officer for Goring (Beat 10) is PC Tony Barnes, and for Castle (Beat 11) is PC Tony Taylor. Contact for non emergency calls is 0845-60-70-999
If you want more details or to discuss any other police matter, there is a Public Meeting of the Sussex Police Authority, at the Gordon Room, Worthing Town Hall on Wednesday 7 March at 7.30pm

Dolphins seen off the beach
Well not actually at Goring at all last year as it was too rough, but in 1999 there were 15 sightings of Bottlenose Dolphins and 3 of Humpback Whales. Dolphins have been seen already this year off Dorset, so keep your eyes pealed any time from now on until September, usually 50-200 yards out from the beach. More details from Whale Watch 01273-424339

Not so good is that Monday 11 Feb, 2 200lb dolphins were caught in fishing nets and washed up on the beach at Shoreham. These things happen but it is a shame.

Farmers Market in Worthing
Starting on Easter Saturday 14 Sat from 9-2pm there will be a Farmers Market in Montague Square, Worthing and from then on every other week
This is in addition to the WI Markets which are held in Ferring and in Durrington. Please support all these events

Goring website popularity grows
The number of visitors continues to grow. We are getting a steady 900 visitors a week, and taking account of the many people who come back several times during the month, the number of unique visitors for January was 3024. They looked at 7922 pages

Worthing Webcam enhanced
The webcam view of the beach just near the Yacht Club, link on our Homepage, now has a longer video sequence, and a lot more weather facts and figures. Try it!

560 Seafront Fun-Runners
Over 560 runners and walkers, some experienced, some just here for the fresh air, some with dogs, some with prams. 473 made the 4-mile round-trip. Started at Splash Point in Worthing, west along the front to be checked in at Alinora Crescent in Goring. More than £1500 was collected for the Chestnut Tree House Appeal.

Worthing Sea Front facelift
But it might take 5 years to do a long list of good things to give Worthing seafront a new look. You name it, its in the plan. There will be public consultation later this month.

Maybridge Multi-sport Mess-up
Maybridge Keystone Club has been plagued by vandals and needs something done urgently. £50,000 has been allocated by WBC and a bid for lottery money has been submitted. The total amount to do a good job is about £500,000 for a multi-sport venue. But nothing is likely to happen until 2002/3.
(Worthing Herald 1 Feb 01)

Triple Whammy for Fishers
In 1987, 93 men and 17 boys were employed fishing at Worthing. Now it is less than 10. Bigger boats mean fishing is no longer from the beach and is at Littlehampton, Shoreham, or Newhaven. Now Littlehampton are trying to up-market the quay area and are pushing the boats away. And in all three towns, EU Quotas, high-priced (red) diesel fuel, and stormy weather have made their lot an unhappy one.
What is silly is that if they find fish in their nets which are not allowed by their quotas they have to be thrown back, and by that time most of them are dead anyway.
40 boats work out of Shoreham with the Kingsmere submerged rocks off Goring a popular fishing ground. There is cod, plaice, dover sole, lemon sole, and scallops. Because of the storms there are very few squid and red mullet.
(Argus Worthing Supplement Jan 2001)

New Seminars for Business
A range of important seminars for business have been organised by The Enterprise Centre in Worthing, and Northbrook College.

The Enterprise Centre are the people to contact if you are starting up in business, and much of the advice is available free, paid for by government schemes.

Archaeologist to get Degree
Goring archaeologist Con Ainsworth who is Vice-President of the Worthing Archaeology Society will receive an Honorary Degree from the University of Sussex.
(Worthing Herald 18 Jan 01)

360 hurt on the ice
Icy days 28 and 29 December where a sharp frost followed heavy rain showed many vehicle accidents, but more serious, 360 injuries receiving attention at Worthing A&E which was a record. Over the 11 day Christmas period there were 1600 people coming into A&E and 561 emergency admissions. This is about normal for the period. New Year (when it rained!) saw a smaller number at 120 A&E patients.
(Worthing Herald 11 Jan 01)

Worthing Hospitals OK in new Guide
The Sunday Times supplement on hospitals reveals that Worthing and Southlands Hospital Trust is 8th in the SouthEast list of UK hospitals. A record spoilt by long waiting lists, and poor patient satisfaction.
Royal West Sussex Hospital at Chichester has been ranked fourth in in England in one of the tables. Well done Chichester.
(Sunday Times 14 Jan 01) gives the following information about Worthing and Southlands Hospital Trust:

Analysis Some of the longest waiting times in England: in the bottom 10 of 174 English trusts for inpatients and just outside that for outpatients. This may be partly explained by the high local elderly population. Worthing meets the government requirement to ensure all urgent breast cancer referrals see a specialist within a fortnight and its overall mortality rate is 6% lower than expected. Staffing levels for both doctors and nurses are lower than average and the trust performed poorly in a 1999 survey when a quarter of heart patients said they did not trust all their doctors. Only nine trusts recorded lower levels of confidence.

Worthing Hospital detail is on:

Goring Hall BMI Hospital detail is on:

Straw to go soft on travellers
Police have been told to
‘go soft’ on travellers and gipsies who set up illegal camps.
(Daily Mail 13 Jan 01)

Beach Hut 194 torched
Fire at 3am (Tuesday 9 Jan) destroyed beach hut 194, badly damaged 195, and scorched 192 and 196. An added problem was caused by two gas cylinders, one of which exploded. The cause of the fire is not known but seems suspicious. We hope we don’t get too much of this; we have enough problems with this winter’s storm damage.
(SouthernFM 9 Jan 01)

Eclipse of the Moon
8pm Tuesday 9 January saw the total eclipse of the moon, hazily visible in this area. The moon duly went a rich peach colour. The dogs that are loopy were be loopier. Any accidents were blamed on the moon. And the forecast gales were not as bad as expected.
The Worthing Astronomical Society with its observatory in Goring is on:

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