News Sept-Nov 2001

Maybridge Community Forum
Would you like to be more involved in your Community? Well now is the time to come forward. The Community Forum will be holding an AGM on Tuesday 2nd October at Maybridge Christian Fellowship, The
Strand. There will be an opportunity to meet other member groups and ask questions to find out how you or your group can join in. Everyone welcome from Maybridge and North Goring.
(Worthing Herald)

St Richards Church, Maybridge
St Richards Church, Maybridge is open on Wednesday mornings during
term-time from 11.30 for coffee. Do call in if you are passing or collecting the children from Church Hall Pre-School Group.
(Worthing Herald)

Worlds Largest Coffee Morning
Macmillan Cancer Relief are holding a Coffee Morning on Friday the 28th September between 10 o’clock and noon at the HSBC Bank branch at 16 Goring Road, Worthing. This is being arranged by Mrs Eileen White and will be part of the Worlds Largest Coffee Morning, an International event. Everyone is welcome to support this event and you do not have to be a customer of the HSBC! If you are, then you can enjoy coffee as well as doing your banking. For further details contact Mrs White on Worthing 261310. I am sure she would welcome donations if you are unable to attend.
(Worthing Herald)

Police are on the Maybridge Case
Community Policeman Jim Stobbard and Traffic Warden Chris Dove will be doing some high-profile policing in Maybridge looking for illegal parking, tax disks, passengers not wearing seat belts. As well as sorting out any other problems. You can contact PC Stobbard on 0845-60-70-999.
(Worthing Herald)

Virus hits computer users
The latest of many computer viruses will hit anyone who uses Email or surfs the Internet. If you do not have anti-virus software then you must get it installed immediately. You have been warned. The software is excellent, not expensive, and may save you a big clean up bill.

Poetic Justice for Bin Man
We have been complaining about the driver of the lorry emptying litter bins driving on the greensward along Marine Drive. Yesterday morning (Thursday 20 Sept) he tried to do it again, misjudged the turn and hit the gate post. There is severe damage to the hydraulic hoist and it it is costing the contractor a lot of money to repair it. Worthing Direct are not pleased with him.

Orange Phone Aerial planned for Sea Place
Unless we can stop it there will be a 6 metre high aerial pole right outside St Laurence’s Church in Sea Place. One: they did not give us any warning. And two: if they must have an aerial could it perhaps be sited down near the yacht club in among all the other masts, and not right in front of a locally important building.
WBC voted against this project and the three others round the borough, but we fear this may not be the end of the matter.
(Goring Residents Association 20 Sept 01)

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