News July-Sept 2001

Two excitements at Sea Lane
3pm Thursday August 16th, a sunny afternoon, two emergency services attended different incidents 50 yards apart at the Sea Lane Car Park and Beach. A visitor needed help from the Fire Brigade to cut through the security ‘Crook-lock’ on her car. With the right equipment, it took about 15 seconds.

At the same time, the West Sussex Ambulance Service helped a young boy injured whilst playing on one of the rock groynes. He was taken off the beach on a stretcher. This is the second accident this month on the rock groynes. They stop the shingle very effectively but they are a potential hazard to careless visitors.

Beware of Bogus Callers
Salesmen calling unexpectedly and who are unable to provide identification should not be allowed in. In particular you should never give them details of bank or credit card accounts.
And in most cases, whatever they are selling is less expensive and better from local trademen or local shops. In a recent case even the sharpening of garden shears was cheaper and probably better done at a local shop.
While on the subject – you should treat offers of free holidays with suspicion. And never ring back when offered free gifts when the telephone number is a premium rate call.
If you have a complaint on these things, contact the Trading Standards office on 01903-839749
(Worthing Herald 16 Aug 01)

Worthings Troubled Doctors
Health Minister Hazel Blears came to Worthing to see for herself the problems that local doctors are having keeping up with the increasing case load, threats of violence and mountainous paperwork. She was shown round by East Worthing MP Peter Bottomley.
(Worthing Herald 16 Aug 01)

Home Front in Stanley Road Home
This is the second makeover in the area. TV Home Front were filmed doing up a house in Stanley Road, near the station in Worthing for a program to go out in the Autumn. Despite the polished presentation on TV, you will not be surprised to learn that they took longer than 30 minutes, or even two days. They were hammering and banging for a good two weeks.
(Worthing Herald 16 Aug 01)

Angmering Bypass by end 02
The new Angmering Bypass will run from the large roundabout on the A259 just east of Roundstone Garden Centre, and west of the Pick-Your-Own centre, north to meet the A280 Water Lane.
Delays because of Foot and Mouth precautions have meant that ground and archaeological surveys on the route are still not finished. Subject to the weather, actual work could start in November this year, with completion by end 2002. This will be welcome here as well as in Angmering, as it could take a lot of traffic away from Titnore Lane. But we do hope that the single carriageway on the A259 past the Roundstone Garden Centre will be sorted out.
The cost of bypass is borne by WSCC with a substantial contribution from the developers of the 500 houses being built at Roundstone lane. We note that remains of a Roman farmstead have been uncovered during the house building development. If such remains are uncovered in the route of the bypass, will this cause a further delay?
(West Sussex Gazette 16 Aug 01)

Harvesting in the Gap
A combine has started work in the Goring Gap. Yield is expected to be low because of the late planting. The target is six tons per acre, they will be lucky if they get four. The target total of 600 tons from this area, worth about £60,000 would contribute a small part of the 4 million tons consumed by the UK each year – 160 pounds weight for every man woman and child, in the form of bread, cakes and puddings.

Development Brief for Durrington
We are against the building of houses at West Durrington, as this can easily encroach on the Goring Gap, and the infrastructure, particularly the road system, is insufficient to maintain
more properties or businesses. But for better or worse, WBC have now published a development brief for the builders: 109 hectares for 800 houses, 3.7 hectares for business There will be some shops, education and community care, not necessarily in Durrington.
(Worthing Herald 9 Aug 01)

BBC Southern Counties Radio at Southampton and at Brighton ran features on the West Durrington proposals soon after 7am on Monday 13 Aug. WBC was represented by Clare Mangan, Planning Policy Manager, and the Goring Gap Preservation Trust was be represented by Richard Waller. There was opportunity for the public to ask questions.

Free access to the Internet
Each of the public libraries in West Sussex will soon have terminals giving free access to the Internet. Worthing central library is first and will be on line from about 9 September.
(Argus 10 Aug 01)

Andrew Garrett gets award for Kool Kidz Centre
Borough Councillor Andrew Garrett received a Civic Champions Award for his work in Maybridge. He is one of only four CCA winners in the South East. In the Maybridge Youth and Community Project (MYCP) he lead the team opeing the new Kool Kidz Centre in Anson Road. Excellent work.
(Worthing Herald 9 Aug 01)

Sad Loss to the Residents’ Association
We regret to announce the sad death on 4th August from a heart attack, of recently elected Goring Residents’ Association President Mrs Ruth Spark. Ruth was previously Secretary of the Association for some 40 years.

Con Ainsworth dies aged 84
Sadly, Con Ainsworth, vice president of the Worthing Society died this week. He lived in Goring, and for 40 years was at the forefront of archaeology in Sussex and taught at University of Sussex.
(Argus 10 Aug 01)

Viewers versus the Players
Four years ago the council planted to fill the gap in the tamarisk bushes along the seafront greensward. The bushes protect the walkers and the players of cricket and football from the prevailing South West wind. The residents in Marine Drive would have liked to continue to see the sea. The war continues. A clump of tamarisk has now been cut down. They will grow again but meanwhile we have a gap. We are not looking at anyone but they do happen to be opposite No 24.

Travellers back, this time at Northbrook
They wanted to camp in the Goring Gap again, but the Neighbourhood Watch alerted the police in time to stop them tampering with the lock. So they went into the carpark at Northbrook College. On Monday we had seven, now there are 20 caravans. Northbrook are not pleased about this; as this is private land they are the ones that have to get a court order, and pay the bailiffs to move them on. They normally stay about 10 days.
(Argus 7 Aug 01)

Teville Gate progress at last
The government has decided not to interfere with the plans for Teville Gate. So with the normal development delays we should eventually get an eight-screen cinema, four restaurants and some leisure units. The Worthing Society have some reservations about the scheme, and would like to hear what will happen to the rest of the area round Worthing Station.
The scheme for flats on the Warnes Hotel site at Steyne Gardens however is on hold because the goverment have called it in, and may force a public inquiry.
(Argus 7 Aug 01)

Thumbprints required
Shoppers in Worthing may be asked to thumbprint the back of cheques and credit card slips from today in a bid to crack down on fraud. The scheme is designed to scare off would-be fraudsters or to trace and prosecute them. Worthing Police have supplied 70 kits to Shopwatch members wanting to take part in the scheme. Sussex Police have tested the system in Chichester and Brighton and it has already resulted in a significant decrease in fraud. It is said that the ink used will not stain your thumb.
(Argus 6 Aug 01)

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