News May-July 2001

Blast hits Marks and Sparks
Shoppers were evacuated after an explosion at the Marks & Spencer store in Worthing town centre. The explosion happened on the roof of the shop in Montague Street on Thursday afternoon. The explosion happened in an air refrigeration unit on the roof, which was leaking gas. The store reopened next morning and the spoilt food in the refigerators was replaced.
(Argus 27 July 01)

Caravan Camper warned off
A camper van parked on Marine Drive, Goring for nearly three weeks was eventually warned off by the police and has gone away. You are discouraged from sleeping in a vehicle parked on the highway for safety reasons. Other potential squatters please note.
(25 July 01)

Your phone is numbered
Punch in *#06# and a 15 digit number is displayed. Make a note of this, and if your phone goes missing the police can maybe identify any phones that are handed in. Or report it to your service provider and they will block that phone to stop anyone else using it.
(Worthing Herald 26 July 01)

Have you painted your beach hut this year?
Really you ought to get your beach hut painted every year, that way it is only one days work. Some of them are looking rather scruffy at the moment. We know a good man who will charge you a fair price if you do not want to do it yourself.
Every March all owners are warned on their lease renewal that their beach huts will be repossessed if they are not kept in good condition.
(12 July 01)

Birdman flies 52.6 metres at Bognor
Ron Freeman, 46, hang gliding instructor from Northumberland won the Birdman of Bognor competition for the second year running. 30 people ranging from the intrepid to the eccentric hurled themselves off the 30 foot high pier. Most dropped like a stone and were rescued by the safety boats. The target is 100 metres. No one flew anywhere near to this.
(Argus 23 July 01)

GOVIA delays takeover from Connex
Govia were going to take over the running our South Central trains from Connex during July. There now seem to be a delay.
GOVIA, the new franchiser has announced plans through to 2006 for improved carriages, longer platforms to 12 coach length, and faster services. Nothing much before May 2002 but they are at least trying.
(26 July 01)” width=”300″ height=”143″ alt=”” border=”0″ align=”left” hspace=”10″>
The view from the Beach
The Worthing Yacht Club hosted the three Dart National catamaran races on July 21st and 22nd. We saw over 40 colourful boats in the water.

Late afternoon on Tuesday 24 July saw seven para-surfers out on the water. They demonstrated great skill and daring doing jumps and somersaults.
And while in the sea, last Tuesday a swimmer off Heene Road found himself in the midst of a pod of dolphins encouraged up the coast by the warm water, now about 16 Celsius.
On the beach the bulldozers have been working to re-profile the shingle, and bringing shingle from the boat ramp at Worthing Lido where they had too much, to the Sea Lane Cafe. Sorry to say the waves soon washed a lot of it back again.
(24 July 01)

Bond announce new UK sales manager
Bill Clifford joins the team at Courtlands
Press Release

Foam on the Beach
People keep complaining about the yellow foam washed in with the tide. ‘They’ should do something about it. In fact ‘They’ are Southern Water, and it is a bigger problem than even they can handle. The foam comes from marine algae which breed in warm weather, and all we can do is accept it until the waves break it down. It is completely harmless
The same with sea weed that washes in from the Kingsmere Rocks off Goring. The waves will eventually take it all away again out to sea. And it tends to be very localised. If your beach is weedy, try one further up.

We all should get on our bikes
Adam Trimingham’s Cycling Sussex is published by Pomegranate Press of Lewes on July 27. Its aim is to get families on two wheels again – with basic cycling information, details of short- and long-distance Sussex routes in town and country, and 12 rides through East and West Sussex. £9.99 email:

Goring Cricket Club get Lottery Grant
Goring Cricket Club has been awarded a £12,000 lottery grant for its Goring Street ground. The improvements include a double bay practice net, an outer protective fence and gates, and a bowling machine for batting practice. The work costing about £28,000 is expected to start in October.
(Argus 17 July 01)

Sneaky Access to the Cabbage Patch
Has anyone else noticed that there are several access points to
the ‘Cabbage Patch’ which was the subject of a Planning Application at the end of last
year. These are in the Goring Gap on the south side of the A 259 and north of the railway
line. As far as we know the Planning permission has not yet been granted yet
these access points would indicate that someone is already preparing for
access to the land in question. We find this rather sinister as there were
strong objections to the plans at the October meeting. Further enquiries are being made.
(14 July 01)

Seagull strikes Jogger
Alec Cross, one of the more senior members of Goring Road Runners was struck by a seagull while jogging down Alinora Crescent, Goring. And then he was attacked again on West Parade. RSPB say that the gulls were probably protecting their young during the nesting season. We have all been warned not to feed the gulls – they ought to fish for themselves rather than pestering people.
(Worthing Herald 12 July 01)
Now we hear that seagulls were attacking foxes on the grass neart Courtlands. Apparently the seagulls thought, probably rightly, that the foxes would eat their young.
(Argus in Worthing 24 July 01)

Sunshine, Temperature, and Rain
Goring was well up in the sunshine tables in June with 65.7 hours of sunshine in one week, beaten only by the Isle of Wight and Clacton. And the average temporature for the year tends to be right up there with the best at 10.9C/51.6F with only the Isles of Scilly doing better. On the other hand, during the thunder storm last Saturday the highest amount of rain fell on Shoreham Airport at about 1.5 inches. Not that it did much good to the gardens…
(7 July 01)

New Book by Local Author
Always keen to encourage local talent, we bring to your attention a new book by local author and artist Thomas Ash (a nom de plume) called The Girl from Sulaymaniyah. When you have bought your copy, will you let us know what you think of it?

Better signs to Goring Hall Hospital
After the severe damage to a valuabe tree, we wanted to restrict larger vehicles from using Ilex Way. No WSCC Highways have promised to improve the direction signing to Goring
Hall Hospital as local residents believe many of the
larger vehicles using Ilex Way are doing so to gain access to the Hospital. The new signing will direct traffic to use Mulberry Lane and Goring Way in preference to Ilex Way. Soon.

Sarah memorial one year on
May residents and visitors, plus Chris Tarrant. ITN News cameras and reporters. Salvation Army Band, church groups and choirs, all on the greensward at The Plantation in Goring, for a Sarah Payne memorial, one year on.
More Details

Chopper search for surfer
On Wednesday the Solent Coastguard helicopter was scrambled to search for a windsurfer in difficulties off the Goring Gap in the Force 5 south-westerly wind . But by the time the big yellow chopper arrived, a fellow surfer had launched and helped him ashore. A passer-by phoned 999 Coastguard and told them the good news. A wasted flight but better safe than sorry.
(27 June 01)

Fenwicks to take over Bentall’s
The potential buyer for Bentalls department store in Worthing is now Fenwicks. Bentall’s, based in Kingston, Surrey, also has branches in Bracknell, Ealing, Tonbridge and at Lakeside, Essex. Fenwicks is well regarded by local shoppers, but we hope the many good features of our local department store will be retained.
(Argus 28 June 01)

Worthing Cycle Strategy Exhibition
WSCC and WBC would like your comments on the Worthing Cycle Strategy to encourage cycling in Worthing. The exhibition contains plans and details of possible cycle schemes to be developed over a period of time. Details and places are in the Diary section.

Tree surgery in Sea Lane, Goring
At last they are trimming the trees in Sea Lane, Goring. Inevitably the screams have started; too much off some trees; not enough off others. A very great noise. They work to a three year cycle so they had better get it right now or we have a long wait til the next session.

Rolls Royce at Chichester go-ahead
The planned factory for Rolls Royce cars will go ahead on land north of Chichester. The famous RR marque is owned by BMW.
(West Sussex Gazette 21 June)

Queen’s Birthday local honours
Local people, Robert White, senior technician at Northbrook College and Colin Sparks, development officer for the National Crime Squad, both get MBEs in the Queens Birthday Honours list.
(Worthing Herald 14 June 01)

Summer Fun Brochure available
Events over the school holidays at Worthing Leisure Centre, Field Place, Worthing Museum, and the theatres are listed in a brochure from WBC 01903-239999 Ext 2544

Another anchor snags nets
A fishing boat trawling off Shoreham has caught another 18ft-long anchor weighing over two tons. It is thought to be more than 200 years old, and was snagged in nets 11 miles south of Shoreham Harbour.
A slightly smaller but still impressive anchor was dreagged ashore by a bulldozer and sits on the sea wall at the Planatation in Goring.” width=”200″ height=”340″ alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”15″ align=”left”>
Arundel Carpet of Flowers
Corpus Christi festivities at Arundel Cathedral each year see 93ft of flowers down the centre aisle. Truly spectacular. I don’t know whether you can still see it this year – it could be worth a visit from 10.30 until the Mass on Thursday 14 June.
(West Sussex Gazette 14 June 01)

Maybridge Youth Community Project
The freehold of the land in Raleigh Way currently used by the Maybridge Keystone Club has been transfered from WBC to the MYCP. The plan is to remove the existing hall and build a new £500,000 community centre for which funding is now being sought. An excellent project which will rejuvinate the area.
(Worthing Herald 14 June 01)

Police will remain in Union Place
Although some departments will be moving to Centenary House, Durrington Lane, probably in mid-July, there will still be police at Union place and the enquiry desk remains open to the public.

Stray dog found through PNC
A call to the Police and an immediate entry of the details into the Police National Computer enabled the owner to trace her small dog and collect it from the finder. The dog, a miniture Yorkshire Terrior called Charlie Brown was seen wandering away from the sea front up Sea Lane,Goring, dodging the traffic, and then seen quivering with fright under a neighbours car parked in a private drive. A call to the Police non-emergency telephone logged the find, and the owner was able to contact the same number and come and collect it. The neighbours were sorry to see the little dog go, but did receive a big bunch of flowers as a thank you.

An efficient system and a very satisfactory result. The telephone number if you have a problem like this is 0845-60-70-999 or to save waiting in a call centre queue try Email at Or the Worthing dog warden on 01903-239999

Binman spiked with needle
Binman Chris Benson was pricked by a hypodermic needle when he was collecting dog waste in The Strand, Maybridge. He has had all the available jabs, but now lives in hope that he has not caught anything more serious. Warning: always be on your guard when out and about. And if you have hypodermics to discard then any doctor’s surgery or pharmacist will take them, or WBC will supply and then collect a suitable ‘sharps’ box free of charge. You have only to ask and no questions will be asked.
(Worthing Herald 7 June 01)” width=”112″ height=”82″ alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”10″ align=”left”>
Worthing beaches are good but not yet the best
The coveted Blue Flag awards for 2001 have been announced. West Wittering is still there. Bognor Regis east of the pier is new. Sandbanks and Bournmouth down in Hampshire are also new. No other south coast resorts rated, not even Brighton Marina which was flagged last year.
Blue Flag is a European award, and has high standards for water quality, amenity, and management of the environment.

(Argus 5 June 01)
Worthing however won a Seaside Award back in March. And
West Sussex beaches are among the best in the country. Worthing got grade ‘A’ against 29 criteria and will continue to fly the prestigious yellow and blue flag.

Worthing Seafront due for upgrade
Elaborate plans are afoot to upgrade Worthing seafront between Splash Point and George V Avenue. Palm trees, more flowers, maybe even the fountain offshore. A new sea-side restaurant is promised east of the pier. Sounds good.
(Gazette 7 June 01)

Children’s Centre fundraiser at Courtlands
The Gold Room at Goring’s historic Courtlands building will be the sumptuous setting for a
Champagne Buffet in aid of the new Children’s Centre at Worthing Hospital. More Details

West Sussex footpaths re-open
All the public footpaths in West Sussex will be open again from 8th June. A stack of outdoor events remain cancelled, from Ardingly Agricultural Show, down to sheep shearing at Coombes Farm. One day we shall be back to normal. Perhaps the warmer dryer weather will cure the FMD.

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