News 2000

Rare Snail thriving on Highdown Hill
The National Trust each year clears part of the open space near to the eastern boundary of Highdown which is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation as an area of unimporoved chalk grassland which, besides the snail, supports several uncommon animals and plants, including the purse-web spider, the only tarantula-type spider in Britain.
(Worthing Herald 10 August 00)

Flights to France from Shoreham to Le Touquet suspended
Flights were planned each day this summer from Shoreham to Le Touquet making this attractive French resort just an hour away. Unfortunately, though the passengers were willing, the maintenance man failed them. No maintenance, no flights. Ring 01903-452304 or click


Homeless Housing at George V Avenue available at Christmas
Two run-down blocks of flats in George V Avenue up at Goring Road roundabout are being renovated and will be in use by Christxmas with a change of purpose. The scheme is funded by The Housing Corporation via WBC and will provide accommodation for the homeless.
(Worthing Guardian 4 Aug 00)

Chunk of Chopper hits Goring
On Monday afternoon, an access panel three feet wide dissintigrated and fell off a Navy EH-101 Merlin helicopter flying over Goring on its way back from an air show in Belgium to its base at Coldrose. The bits fell on the grass at Marine Crescent, missing a man by only a dozen feet. First warning came by radio from the safety boat offshore, and the crew landed to check for injuries. There has been a good deal of jumping up and down about this and the Navy would like the bits back please.
(Daily Mail 30 Aug 00)

Helicopter Joyrides
The helicopter is again operating from the Plantation during the Worthing Festival. A ten minute trip for £20.00, reductions for parties and under 16’s. An excellent treat.

New Search Tool on this Website
We now have a new AtomZ search tool on this website. All 137 pages will be searched and each page with a reference will be listed with the searchword highlighted in the context.
In the 137 pages they tell us there are 81916 words, with 432 pictures this adds up to 13MB of webspace.
Both domain names will work correctly and
While we are talking statistics, last week we had 747 distinct visitors (about 3200 per month); asking for 1439 pages; for a total of 59MB of data. Most popular pages were weather, Click the Map, pictures, seafront, news, diary.
Most of the big Search Engines were used to find us, Google being the leader, and Yahoo, Mirago, and Infoseek close behind.
82% of visitors use Internet Explorer, 18% use Netscape.

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