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News pages now updated

You will be pleased to know that news pages on this website have now been updated again. And about time too, I hear you say. Read the News

New Community Forum

We have a community forum which contains items of local interest, and to which yhou can join and contribute your news and comments

Once you have filled in the short form to join, you can sign-in for the first time, and thereafter you will go straight to the latest news items. You have options to have just the subject line, or the first three lines, or the whole text. There is advertising (someone has to pay for this!) and you may find it better if you display the forum on your full screensize.

If you wish you can decide to have each new news-item sent to you to your Email address. Note that news items are also repeated on this website if you find it easier, and you can still contact us with your comments.

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