Mapping websites

30 days free trial then for a fee.

15 European countries including the UK

Autoroute from MicroSoft

– put in your postcode and there is your street
– claiming to be the most comprehensive aerial survey of Britain. A photo costs £20 and there is covereage of this area.

– how far is as the crow flies worldwide

– for users of mobile phones, and for the US only

– London bus and underground maps

– one of the most impressive online offerings
– for travellers with basic maps, currency and weather. Big range of goodies for sale

– maps and routes round Europe in five languages

– basic design but good with a routemap feature

– handy place finder, best for the US

– trans-Europe by road specialists

– the one we have used on this site, and includes world maps

– lots of things but not as much detail as in the paper version

– Ornance Survey – a bit slow but it is all there

– routes plus maps
– maps of all the radio masts.

– includes a route planner, and nearest Shell petrol station
– another link to maps

– a really useful way of finding a location in the UK using postcode, London street names or town names

– the underground in 60 cities

– no nonsense route finder for UK, Ireland and Europe with hotels and restaurants, with traffic information
– all sorts of maps for the USA

– a feast of facts but a bit chaotic reference website

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