Worthing Group of Advanced Motorists

How long ago was it you passed your
driving test? Do you still feel you are a
good, safe driver? Taking a right hand
bend, whereabouts in the road do you
drive – tight on the left hand side, just to
the left of the the centre line(s) or straddling
the centre line(s) to get round quicker.

Did you know there are several things
you can do to improve your driving?
Have you ever thought of taking a short
drive with a volunteer trained observer of
the local group of advanced motorists to
let him/her comment about the good and
poor points of your driving? The
Worthing Group of the Institute of
Advanced Motorists is one of 250 such
groups across the country which exist to
promote road safety and to improve the
standards of driving.

The Worthing Group has a membership
of around 250 people, it meets once a
month for indoor and outdoor activities
such as: outdoor manoeuvring tests, films
and videos, treasure hunts, talks by local
personalities, practical demonstrations
and so on. Members also prepare for the
Institute’s two driving tests -“Advanced”
and “Special Assessment”.

Meetings normally take place on the
third Tuesday of every month, with
indoor meetings being held at All Saints
Church Hall, Cissbury Avenue, Findon

There is a Worthing Group magazine “Behind The Wheel”, which comes
out every two months, and they also have
regular events throughout the year such
as barbeques, tractor driving, skidpan
training and the like.

Membership is £25
for Associates for 12 months or until
passing the IAM test. After passing the
test one becomes a Full Member, and
annual subscription is £10. The joining
pack for Associates includes a copy of
the latest highway code and an information book on the Advanced driving test.

Motorcyclists may also take advanced
training and exams on machines of 200cc
and above. The Worthing Group of
Advanced Motorists have helped set up
the West Sussex Advanced Motorcyclists
Group, and they too organise events,
rides, produce a magazine and help train
for the Advanced test.

Many people, after passing their driving
test, think “That’s it!” and that they know
everything they need to know, but over
90% of crashes (which are not now called
accidents) involve some human error
with over 80% caused solely by such

After training for the Advanced Test
people realise there is much more
involved in driving well. At the moment
people under 26 get a reduction of £10 in
the cost of the IAM Advanced Test, and
people who pass get a reduction in
insurance with some companies

If you would like details about the
Worthing Club then please contact one of
the following members:
Robert Tennant 01903-230092
Rod Winter 01903-502420
Tony Ede 01903-602809
Angus Figg 01903-245571

Or if you would like details about the
motorcycle club then please contact:
Martin Cooke 01903-815175

In the meantime – happy, safe driving to
you all!

UK Website: http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/limearrow.gif” width=”11″ height=”11″ alt=”” border=”0″ hspace=”5″>http://www.iam.org.uk/


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