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from Ken Sutton who now lives in the A’Becket area

When I came out of the RAF in 1965 and moved to Worthing with my family, the then Council found me accomodation at No. 12 Sea Place, in a house called “Beach End”. The drive down to the house was on the south side of the shop, and started where the shop building ended.

There were at that time two old cottages facing Sea Place to the north of the shop. These were pulled down soon after we arrived.

Beach End was a two story building, built on a design very similar to a swiss chalet. The bottom floor was brick, but the upper floor, wooden. The living accomodation was on the first floor, with a view over the sea wall to the sea. It consisted of two bedrooms of fair size, and a square box-room topped with a pointed roof, very much like a tower at the far end and facing the sea. Also on the upper floor was an L-shaped lounge, with kitchen and a small utility room leading to the two bedrooms which we used for our children, three girls in the larger one and the two boys in the box-room.

Downstairs, from the drive way, led to a garage under part of the lounge and main bedroom, out of the garage, was a very dark room that could havebeen used for any purpose, I heard that at one time it was a servants room, together with another small room at the back of the house. Also downstairs were the bathroom and toilet. Most of the downstairs was an open area, when we first moved in had a very old fashioned boiler. This was taken away as it was unserviceable.

The house itself was in a very large garden, somewhere about half an acre, also at the eastern end was a gateway leading into an overgrown orchard. Again, I would think about a quarter of an acre. The present boundaries are the same, the garden was bounded by the Yacht Club carpark.

All this was enclosed by extremely high overgrown hedges. The main house was surrounded by lawn, which through neglect never amounted to much, but was an ideal for our children all quite young, and many of their school friends visiting after school. It was quite a common sight for my wife and I to see about ten to twenty sets of clothes and school bags on the grass while the kids were up on the beach. By about five they usually had gone home.

We left Sea Place in about 1973 or 74. The house was pulled down soon after we moved out, when severe storms blew the roof off. The Council immediately rehoused us in Broadwater.

The shop was at that time run by Mr and Mrs Porter who still live in Worthing. After that, the building was used for an antique shop for a period before it became Cynthia’s cafe.


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