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Goring Residents’ Association – 20 March 2003

The monthly meeting of the Goring Residents’ Association on Thursday 20th
March featured Martin Schucker who served as a Detective Inspector with the
Hampshire Police and is now a security consultant. There was a barriage of
questions about policing in general and brought forward good advice to all

Lock the doors and close the windows when you are out, even when just out in
the garden. Lock the side gate and do not allow access to the rear of your
house where most break-ins occur. Do not try and apprehend the villain, he
is most likely high on drugs and will not hesitate to knife you; just get a
good description and tell him to go. Do not allow unexpected callers into
the house, however good their reasons. Get a neighbour to check your house
when you are away and collect letters and newspapers that are in view from
the outside. All this has been said many times, but is worth repeating

Martin had mixed feelings about the requirement for all public servants to
fill in mountains of paperwork after taking any sort of action. All the
professions have the same complaint. In order to provide statistics, and to
protect the civil liberties of individuals you have to fill in forms and
there is no initiative or time to actually do your job.

Martin was actively involved in the Tichfield murder in 1996. A body turned
up by a plough was finally identified when pictures of the head,
reconstructed from the skull, were shown by Nick Ross and Jill Dando on
Crimewatch. Callers during the show suggested the name of the Asian victim
and pointed towards two possible suspects which were then taken to court
with blood and finger print evidence. Apparently it was the mother of his
child and her new husband wot dun it!

Before the main speaker, county and borough councillor Steve Waight answered
questions from the residents covering news of the sea wall cycle path (a
report due in 2005), grass cutting (not often enough), parking on the verge
(a difficult one), graffiti (recently looking better), and the poor road
surface in Goring Road (soon). These question and answer sessions are a
valuable outlet, for complaint and for praise, and serve as a community
forum for Goring residents.

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