more on Goring Hall

In 1934 the whole estate except for the immediate house and three acres of gardens were sold to Hesketh Estates of Southport. They had elaborate plans to develop the whole area from the Littlehampton Road to the sea. In the event the area east of the Plantation was being built from 1935, and the bungalows south of the railway down to the Ilex Avenue were built in the 1950s.

On 1st August 1935 WBC paid £18,000 for three parcels of land; the greensward along the sea wall from the Sea Lane Cafe to Sea Lane Ferring, the cricket ground behind the Bull Inn, and the Plantation. At the same time, Hesketh made a gift of the Ilex Avenue to WBC for public recreation, these two associated areas are now managed by WBC.

The agricultural land between the Littlehampton Road and railway, and south from the Ilex Avenue and the sea is designated a strategic gap and compensation was paid to Hesketh in 1945 in respect of the three roads that had been built.

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