Goring Hall – Email from an ex pupil

I was interested to come across your website today for the first time as I was a pupil at Goring Hall School during the war years leaving in 1943/4.

I well remember the water tower and the large outhouse that at one time carried a large number of rechargeable electric batteries sufficient to generate enough electricity to provide lighting in case of need, however the two large diesel engines driving the generators did not work! I vividly recall engineers working on these massive horizontal diesel engines and trying to heat them up with blowlamps, all to no avail!

There was an old “Dairy House” dating back some time. The School was owned by a Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Green whose son (or maybe nephew) was a master there. He joined the R.A.F. for wartime service but sadly, was killed.

One well known pupil there for a short time, was Bob Monkhouse, the comedian. (See his memoirs).

I hope this may be of some interest.

David Doherty.

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