Short talk about Goring


Goring was originally Gara-inges – the people who lived at Gara, an area slightly raised out of the saltwater swamp along the coast.

It became Goring-by-Sea in 1908 when the railway was built and it was realised that people booking tickets to Goring on the River Thames might be confused.

We have the sea with surfers, wind-surfers, kite surfers, lots of yachts and, heaven help us jet-skis. Good for swimming two hours before and after high tide. And good for shrimping in the rock pools at low tide.

Along the sea wall at Goring is the Greensward for the kids to play ball games, kite-boarding, picnics, barbecues, church outings – recent we had no less than 30 busses from one gospel church from south London – all very smartly dressed and choir singing. All very welcome.

Behind the parish is Highdown Hill, once a Saxon fort, and the place where there was a windmill where the miller used to set the sails to tell the smugghlers if there were revenue men in town.

Up there is also the chalk garden built by Sir Frederick Stern. Well worth a visit.

Castle Goring – not in Goring and not a castle – is Grade I listed – a folly with a Gothic fortress front and a Palladian greek villa back, and a splendid park with ancient oaks, with sheep and deer, an area under threat from a new housing estate at West Durrington where we will be blessed with 1200 new houses, 2500 people, probably 2000 cars.

Two features of Goring – the Goring Gap, the only place along the coast for miles where the farm fields actually stretch down to the sea wall, a strategic gap to separate Goring from Ferring – green view from the sea wall to the downs, and from the downs back down to the sea.

And Ilex Avenue, a mile long tunnel of evergreen Holm Oaks, set up as the private access drive to Goring Hall, built by David Lyons in 1840 who received very substantial compensation for giving up using slaves on his sugar plantation in Jamaica.

Now a part of Worthing, we have about 8000 population, 3700 houses, nearly 4000 cars, and probably about 1200 dogs. House prices here seem to be even higher here than in Goring-on-Thames. But what is really amazing is that people are prepared to pay up to £7000 for a beach hut.


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