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The number of visitors continues to grow. We are getting a steady 1900 visitors a week, and taking account of the many people who come back several times during the month, the number of unique visitors for May 2002 was 5894. They looked at 21,703 pages, to a total of nearly 134,000 file requests (hits). Copies of the week’s news are posted on 12 notice boards around the village.

Most popular pages June 2002:
Goring News 553
Weather, Tides and Winds 513
Diary of Events 353
Picture Index 297
Maps Index 290
Features Index 145
News Poster for printing 119
Goring Directory 112
Local groups and societies 98

Detailed Pages some of which are a surprising!
South East England Map 765
The Beach 252
Evergreen Holm Oak 232
Local Radio and TV Stations 183
Eateries and Drinkeries 137
Worthing Society Photo Album 128
Goring-by-Seafront 120
Coastal Erosion 118
Baloos Restaurant 102
Worthing Rugby Football Club 101
Castle Goring 96
Sky Photo of Goring 92
Church Services 84


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