Proposed Flats at The Strand at Ferring

Proposed Flats at The Strand at Ferring

Ferring seafront is a favourite place to go for all the Ferring locals, Goring and Worthing residents, and day visitors from afar. The character of this area is threatened with change for ever.

The proposal is for two, three-storey blocks for a total of 30 flats, with car parks and garages. At this stage we have not been shown the style, or whether it is flat or ridged roofed. There are still many questions.

Even at this stage there are probably a dozen reasons for opposing this application.

  • The Rife is the river that runs down the west of Ferring, a calm and peaceful walk with your dog, a haven for wildlife, a space of peace and quiet. The view northwards will not change but the view towards the sea will be over-shadowed by the proposed blocks of flats.
  • The popular Blue Bird Cafe on the seafront will be overlooked by the people in the 30 flats
  • The character of the area is delightfully informal, with beach huts, and cars parked where they will. We are unwilling to have this replaced by a formal tarmac environment
  • When it rains the area gets flooded. So what, it will dry up soon. But at times of heavy rain the Rife is going to overflow; that we promise. And the Department of the Environment have this marked as a high risk area. Of course they could build the flats on a high platform, but this would make the three-storey blocks obtrude even more.
  • Residents who currently enjoy unrestricted light and a view of trees, will see the backdoors of blocks of flats.
  • The roads in Ferring are all privately owned and maintained by the residents. They are also narrow and winding, and another 45 or so cars going in and out will be stretching the infrastructure. The bus company has already threatened to withdraw the service because they are losing money. If they have a traffic problem as well – then good-bye busses.
  • And certainly the soil drains are going to need attention. 30 dwellings where there are currently only six is very likely to overload the system.

    In short, we are hostile to this one.

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