Goring Local Elections 6 May 1999

So here is the line up with the succesful candidates in red:

http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/eleccons.jpg” width=”97″ height=”94″ border=”0″ alt=”*” hspace=”10″> Conservatives: 661,932 45% 5 seats. James Provan MEP, Roy Perry MEP, Daniel Hannan, James Elles MEP, Nirj Deva, Bryony Bethell, Edward Kellett-Bowman MEP, Alison Parry, Jeremy Mayhew, Barry Tanswell, Richard Ashworth.


or http://www.seeuroteam.tories.org.uk

Tel: 01444-443554.
http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/eleclab.gif” width=”93″ height=”94″ border=”0″ alt=”*” hspace=”10″> Labour: 292,146 18% 2 Seats. Peter Skinner MEP, Mark Watts MEP, Anita Pollack MEP, Anne Snelgrove, Parmjit Dhanda, Ann Davison, Tamara Lanagan, John Howarth, Liz Clements, Alison Chapman from Lewes, Sarah McCarthy-Fry.


or http://www.southeast-labour.org.uk/

Tel: 01483-880440.
http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/eleclib.gif” width=”60″ height=”42″ border=”0″ alt=” “> Lib-Democrat: 228,136 18% Seats 2. Baroness Emma Nicholson MP, Chris Huhne, Sharon Bowles, David Bellotti, Jo Hawkins, James Walsh from Rustington, Barbara Hewitt-Silk, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Catherine Bearder, Chris Berry, Dorothy Webb.


http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/elecind.gif” width=”71″ height=”80″ border=”0″ alt=”*”>
UK Independence Party: 144,515 1 Seat. Nigel Farage, Christopher Skeate, Tony Stone, Michael Phillips, Bernard Collgnon, Ron Walters, Lyn Ross, Kim Rose, Harold Green, Michael Knight, Rob McWhirter.


Tel: 01737-780222
http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/elecgrn.gif” width=”115″ height=”44″ border=”0″ alt=”*” hspace=”10″> Green: 110,571 Seats 1. Caroline Lucas, Mike Woodlin, Alan Francis, Pete West from Brighton, Hazel Dawe, Steve Dawe, Alasdair Stark, Johnny Denis from Lewes, Lorraine Serrecchia from Lewes, Leo Littman from Brighton, Julian Salmon.


Tel: 01273-600733

http://web.archive.org/web/20071030073440/http://goring-by-sea.uk.com/images/elecnlp.gif” width=”72″ height=”65″ border=”0″ alt=” “>Natural Law: 2767 Bernard Bence, Jeremy Bowler from Hove, Paul Cragg from Uckfield, Nigel Kahn, Paul Levy, John Oldbury, John Douglas-Small, Robert Stephens, John Tompson, William Treend, Peter Warburton.


or http://www.natural-law-party.org

British National Party: 12161 Michael Easter, Arthur Whiting, Robert Andrews, Gordon Callow, Mark Cray, Ian Dell, Matthew Gould, Richard Molesworth, Margaret Stones, Christopher Telford, Kevin Yates.

Pro-European: 27,305 John Stevens MEP, Richard Bassett, Anthony Frost, Anna Moreno, Mark Littlewood, Rebecca Pickering, Peter Sutters, Alan Armitage, Jonathon Swift, David James Hurford-Jones, Richard Carswell.

Socialist Labour: 7281 Katrina House, Ian Fyvie, Nathan Parkin, Hannah Williams, Ken King, Sarah Hippeson, Monica Anne Parkin, John McLeod, Kenneth Ray, John Hayward, Michael Allen. This is Arthur Scargill’s party but he is not up for election in this region.

Independent – Open Democracy for Stability: 1587 Brian Bundy

Independent – Making a Profit in Europe: 1400 John Michael Goss from Felpham.

The websites

In the absence of any person-related criteria, lets look at the websites for guidance.

Top is the Green party which is quick to load and I can find the list of candidates without difficulty.

Second is the Lib-Dem which has a convenient link to the election stuff at the top of the homepage. Good

Third is UK Independence Party which is slower to load but has convenient maps leading me to the list of candidates.

Fourth comes the
Conservative website which is terrible, slow to load, full of meaningless graphics, but eventually I did get to a list of candidates for the South East.

Worst is Labour which starts off with a full screen picture of our leader, eventually you can get to the homepage, but this does not help since there is no mention of the Euro Elections at all, let alone a list of candidates. There is a short South East page under a separate URL, but this is apparently kept a secret.

A non-runner is the Natural Law Party of America famous for its belief in yogic flying, acknowledges there is a country called England but gets the flag wrong, and is apparently not aware that we have an election on here.

Sussex Candidates

It is quite a good idea for parliamentary candidates to be local to the communities they represent. Eight candidates come from Sussex and it does not really seem likely that any of them will be elected. If voting on this pronciple the best party will be Independent – Making a Profit in Europe, 100% of whose candidates come from Sussex.

Local Elections – 6 May 99
Three wins for the Conservatives, plus the newly converted Mayor David Chapman, means that the Conservatives will take over from LibDem to run Worthing Council. Subsequently one of the Coinservatives then resigns from the whip, and serves as an Independent Conservative, and may be expelled from the Tory party. For the elections, the usual apathy ruled with a 31% poll, actually higher than the national average of 29%.

No change in Goring or Castle. Results below:

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