Goring Local Elections 1 May 2003

Local Election Results
The Worthing Borough Council is hung, with LibDem and Cons both with 18 seats with the new mayor, Lib Dem James Doyle, having the casting vote when he takes over later this month. The Tories are not pleased that the key jobs will continue to be run by LibDems, and a heated argument is anticipated at the Council meeting on 16 May.

GORING: Elected – Peter Welch (C) 1,732.

Not elected – Brian Stephenson (LD) 628.
Turnout: 35.4% (National and Worthing average 34%)
Note the very large majority. Helped perhaps because Brian did not seem to distribute any liturature.

CASTLE: Elected – Claire Potter (LD) 923.

Not elected – John Rogers (C) 771.
Turnout: 27%

In Arun the Tories maintain their lead.
In Ferring two seats were up for grabs. Roger Elkins is the current representitive. Henry Miller is well known as the Chairman of the Ferring Conservation Group.

FERRING: Elected – Roger Elkins (C) 1,092, David Hill (C) 1,052.
Not elected – Henry Miller (L) 382, Lindsey Green (LD) 341.
Turnout: 42% (almost a record)

Goring Ward

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