Goring Local Elections 3 May 2001

Peter Bottomley (Conservative)

Name: Peter Bottomley (Sitting MP)
Party: Conservative
Born: Newport, Shropshire 1944
Marital Status: Married to Virginia Bottomley
Occupation: MP
Lives: Worthing
Political Career: MP for Worthing West (1997-2001), MP since 1975
Non Political Career: Industrial relations

Interests: Has been
chairman of the Church of
England’s Children’s Society,
trustee of Christian Aid, now
chairman of the Chichester
Diocese Racial Justice
Working Group, sailing.

Statement: “The role of the MP includes representing the interests now and in the future of people of every age in the West Worthing consituency. Locally and at Westminster, in Parliament and in broadcasting studios I have to reflect the reality of life for everyone including the retired, the person at work and the student. I enjoy serving in that role.”


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