New Licence Plates” width=”208″ height=”58″ alt=”” border=”0″>” width=”25″ height=”1″ alt=”” border=”0″>Code Letters” width=”25″ height=”1″ alt=”” border=”0″>(Chester)” width=”65″ height=”1″ alt=”” border=”0″>Date Code” width=”65″ height=”1″ alt=”” border=”0″>(Oct 2001)” width=”120″ height=”1″ alt=”” border=”0″>Identifier” width=”120″ height=”1″ alt=”” border=”0″>(random)



You can maybe bid for these:

  • MR 51NGH (£500,000?)
  • DE51RES
  • MU51CAL
  • PA51ONS
  • DE51GNS
  • CA51NOS
  • MR 51MON
  • MR 51LLY
  • YE5 1 CAN
  • U R 51 EEK

I and Q are not used at all now.
but Q is used in the previous format.
U and J are not used
in the first two letters,
but these are available for
personalised plates.
Z is used only in the random element.

The date numbers start at 51, and then
increase every March and September,
02,52,03 etc to 10,60 in 2010.

There is now a mandatory typeface
and the italic and shaded fonts
are now definitely out. Look for
the serifs on the letters B and D
to avoid confustion with 8 and 0

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