Durrington Inspectors Report

Letter in the Herald 17 Jan

Worthing Herald January 3 carried a
news item entitled “Objectors lose as
inspector backs 700 new homes”.

Having read the full Inspector’s
report, it is very clear that the
Inspector, Mr Jolly, is far from happy
about the proposals as they stand. In
fact, he states that – the council’s
development brief contains serious
flaws and inconsistencies and should
be comprehensively reviewed and
updated. The Inspector has now requested
Worthing Borough Council to address
his concerns.

I feel strongly that both the headline
and the details contained in the news
item are misleading and therefore
require clarification if the general
public are not going to be left with a
false impression of the situation. The
following are only a few extracts from
the Inspector’s report, but nevertheless serve to provide a more accurate
picture of the Inspector’s findings.

* Paragraph 1.45, page 12 of the
annex – The Inspector thought that it
would be better for access to the site
to be provided by extending the existing roads on the east and south of the
site. He states that – “In my view, the
transportation and access strategy in
the brief should be reviewed to consider all the options for access to the
development site from the local road
network. Particularly in questioning
again the need for access from Titnore
Lane to avoid damaging through
access between parcels of SNCI –
Sites of Nature Conservation Interest
– woodland and the desirability of providing direct vehicular access
between the site and the existing district centre.”

* Paragraph 8.167, page 140 – The
development shows links to an
employment site on a small area of
pastureland to the west of Goring
Woods. I have concluded under Policy
B4 that development on this site
would cause unacceptable harm to the
environment and it is an unsustainable location as a stand-alone facility.

* Paragraph 8.177 – failure to recognise the importance of the historic
parkland setting to the Grade 1 listed
building, ie Castle Goring.

* Paragraph 1.22, page 8 – It is clear
to me that any development in this
shape or form would have an alien
character with no historic precedent
and would result in the destruction of
the parkland setting of the listed
building. This information in the
brief sends entirely the wrong message to the developers. It also conflicts badly with one of the design
principles in Section 6 of the brief to
preserve and enhance the setting of
the adjoining listed buildings and conservation area and … to retain the
parkland setting.

If any member of the public wish to
verify any of the above for themselves,
the Inspector’s Report is available for
viewing at the planning office in
Richmond Road and at Worthing reference library.

D Robet Elleray
Chairman – The Worthing Society


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