Tit Nore in the Sussex Shire


Letter in the Herald 17 Jan

ONCE upon a time there existed a
beautiful land of fields and woods
and ponds, full of wild things, a
tranquil place, a restful place, a
paradise. It was called Tit Nore
and was part of the Sussex shire.

But, because it was so lovely and
vulnerable it attracted the attention of greedy ones called developers, keen to make oodles of money
by smothering Tit Nore with brick
boxes in accordance with the
desires of their master, the dark
lord called Prescott, he of the two
Jags and, in the season of election
of the two jabs. Then, with Tit
Nore covered by brick boxes,
hordes of beings called Teen-Agers
could come to dwell in them and
make Tit Nore really fit for the
twenty-first century by distributing lots of garbage; by adding decorations called graffiti; and by livening up Tit Nore with rock music
and petty crime.

The people of the Sussex shire did
not want the foolish planners and
the greedy developers to destroy
Tit Nore and they pleaded with the
ones called Elected to stop it. They
pointed out that the elected ones in
the Kent shire had told the dark
lord to get lost, and they wondered
mightily why the elected ones of
the Sussex shire could not find the
courage to do the same, but the
only answer they received was a
deafening silence.

And so, in the fullness of time, the
greedy ones called developers got
their wicked way and did destroy
Tit Nora, as they had destroyed
Ash Ington and Ang Mering and
Tit Nore was but a memory. But,
already, the eyes of the greedy ones
had turned again to the south, to
the land men call Gor Inggap.

C C Knappitt


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