Durrington Questions Outstanding


Councillor Brian Lynn,
Town Hall,

Dear Brian,

Goring Gap.

As you will know one of my local concerns is the preservation of Goring Gap and the Titnore Lane area generally. I am, therefore, opposed to the proposed West Durrington development.

So that I can put the matter into context I am seeking further details and it has been suggested that you will have the information and facility to give me the answers.

Perhaps I may put the following questions:

1) Why does Worthing require additional housing?

2) Who is it envisaged will buy any new houses – local residents or newcomers?

3) To what extent will the current infrastructure support additional houses so far as Hospitals, Doctors, Schools, Transport, Roads and Drainage are concerned?

4) It has been suggested that Titnore Lane will be ‘improved’. There are, I understand, tree preservation orders on a number of the trees in that vicinity. Has thought been given to the preservation of this unique country lane – certainly the only
one of its type in the area to my knowledge?

5) The accident record of Titnore Lane has been referred to in that context. What are the figures please?

6) What access points are proposed if there is to be some development? You are no doubt familiar with the road at present during the rush hour.

7) What is the current stock of unoccupied properties or those available for occupation? There are always pages of properties for sale or rent in the local newspapers.

8) How many inner town or brownfield sites are there within the Borough which could be available for development? There are a number of areas which could lend themselves to development around the town.

I appreciate that some of these questions may relate to County jurisdiction but no doubt you will be able to pass those on for specific answers.

I hope you will be able to assist me in these matters as I would not wish to see Titnore Lane following the process of Roundstone Lane in Angmering which, in my view, has
turned the area (which in any case was not as attractive as Titnore Lane) into a hideous area of roundabouts and new bricks.

I look forward to hearing from you,

With kindest regards,
David Marchant.


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