West Durrington Objection Letter

The four largest community societies listed below urge all residents to
object to the
development proposals at West Durrington. We list 10 reasons which cause us
deep concern.

If you wish you can copy and paste this message and Email it to mike.bleakley@worthing.gov.uk to Planning
Department, WBC, with your name and address, and signing it.
If you would
like you can get a paper copy by ringing Richard Waller on 01903-248782 and
leaving your address on the answering machine.
Or just print this page and attach it to your letter to Planning Department.

Many thanks for supporting us in this opposition.

Worthing Society
Goring Residents’ Association
Ilex Conservation Group
Goring Gap Preservation Trust

Mr M Bleakley
Head of Planning
Worthing Borough Council
Portland House, Richmond Road
Worthing BN11 1LF

Dear Mr Bleakley

WB/01/01010/OUT – West Durrington Development

We object to the above development on the following reasons:

  1. The siting of the proposed business park is entirely out of place, in the
    middle of attractive countryside, and a bad precedent to other developers.

  2. The proposed business park will be a physical barrier for the wildlife,
    and be a visual intrusion to the views from Highdown looking North to an
    AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), and from Patching looking South.

  3. The proposed path and cycle track across the land south of Castle Goring,
    between the business park and the proposed new housing will lead to
    wholesale damage to the large stand of oaks.

  4. Titnore Lane should not be widened with the loss of up to 503 standard
    trees, all of which have Tree Protection Orders, in a SNCI (Site of Natural
    Conservation Importance). The character of the lane will be completely
    changed, and the road will become just another fast road.

  5. We object to the use of the West Durrington land for housing. As with the
    business park it will cause severe ecological change, and a visual

  6. There will be threat to wildlife and scarce birds and the loss of good
    agricultural land.

  7. 75 important trees, 80 clumps of hazel, and 550 metres of hedgerow will
    be lost. Only about 50% of trees replaced with new planting will survive
    vandalism, and in any case would take many years to mature.

  8. There will be increased traffic because the proposed site is a long way
    from anywhere, and local facilities are never going to satisfy all the local
    needs for education, shopping and leisure.

  9. It seems likely that the money set aside for social and community
    facilities will be used in other parts of Worthing. This would be
    unfortunate since already the local needs are very pressing.

  10. Because of the abnormally high water table which caused such problems
    last winter, the plans for surface water drainage are inadequate to prevent
    flooding downstream of the site. We note that 20 pumps operated from
    December to March last winter, and there was still discharge of untreated
    water into the Rife.

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