The objection letter


To: Strategic Housing and Planning Policy Development
Portland House,
Richmond Road,
Worthing BN11 1LF

We object to the whole concept of the development project in West Durrington

  • It is not a logical place to ‘dump’ some 2000 new residents
  • There are already significant social problems in the area, due in some extent to the lack of facilities to interest young people.
  • We doubt that there are jobs to sustain the families arriving in these new homes
  • The development will cause significant problems in all aspects of the infrastructure: police, education, welfare, health, transport, water supply, waste water, surface water.
  • We want to preserve the green of the Goring Gap – green from the sea to the downs and from the downs to the sea, a communication route for animals and birds, and in West Durrington an area of park and ancient woodlands

If it is decided to go ahead regardless, then:

1. Parkland round Castle Goring
The Planning Inspector identified 11 parcels of land. He said that parcels 3-6 inclusive should be protected as part of the Castle Goring park. But we now understand that parcel 5 has now been taken back to raise more money to pay for something else. We object to giving up a valuable segment of the park which the Inspector said should only be considered for a purposes that would enhance the viability of the Castle Goring – (i.e. not for residential use)

2. Housing on land near Titnore Lane
We object to using parcels 1 and 2 leading down to Titnore Lane for housing. All the housing to be kept to the East side of the area. More serious, the strip of land between parcels 1 and 2 consists of protected trees, and it is definitely not permissable to build a road through there.

3. Access from Titnore Lane
There is access to the area from existing roads in Durrington and to the Tesco area. There is also access along Titnore Way. We will object strongly to any additional access onto Titnore Lane, and will object to any plans to enhance Titnore Lane into a major traffic route.

Please you could acknowledge safe receipt of this objection

Date: 16 October 2003




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