ARGUS article 10 October

Reported in the Argus 10 Oct 01

800 homes in West Durrington

More than 800 homes are planned for an area of green land despite concerns from residents about the loss of open space. Up to 875 houses of various sizes and styles are proposed for the land in West Durrington, the last open space in the area.

There would be 220 social housing homes under the application before Worthing Borough Council. Other facilities under the multi-million-pound scheme may include local shops, a community centre, a library and a medical centre.

Funding may be given for a new off-site swimming pool in the area. Developers hope to address residents worries about the loss of open space with plans to create parks, landscaping and conservation areas.

Plans include a business park

The scheme could transform the area and bring in new business to West Durrington as the plans, earmarked for land east of Titnore Lane and to the North of Fulbeck Avenue, would include 9.1 acres for business use. This could yield 160,000 square feet of floor space for companies.

Two new first and middle schools would be built as well as new sports pitches and a children’s play area.

No decision until 2002

Worthing Borough Council’s development control manager James Appleton said today: “The large-scale development proposal raises a number of complex issues which will need careful consideration. “The site forms part of an area allocated for residential development – up to 800 units – in the Worthing Local Plan Review Revised Deposit Draft 2000. However, the council is unlikely to make any decision on the application until after we have received and considered the Local Plan inspector’s report which is anticipated within the next few months.

A number of objections to further development in West Durrington were considered by the inspector at the Local Plan enquiry which closed earlier this year and we are waiting to see whether he recommends this land should be allocated and what level of development he considers would be appropriate.”

There will be public consultation

He said the council was embarking on an extensive public consultation exercise and any decision on the application was unlikely to be made by the council until early next year.

The application includes a detailed environmental statement which considers the likely impact on the area. It also considers issues of transportation, landscape, ecology, nature conservation, archaeology and impact on the local community.

Off-site highway improvements would include internal roads, provision for footpaths and cycleways and funding of public transport.

The application, together with the accompanying environment statement will be available for inspection in Portland House, Richmond Road, Worthing, during normal office hours. Anyone who wishes to make representations about the application should write to the head of planning at that address, quoting reference number WB/01/0110/OUT.


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