Cycle Route from Worthing centre to Goring Mulberry

Bike Lane still controversial
The comments still rumble on. Though the immediate work is now complete, cyclists are still worried about cars parking in the cycle lane along Goring Road, and cars drive apparently uncaring into the lane when having to pass cars which are waiting to to turn right. Is the road wide enough for a cycle lane anyway? As your webmaster here is a new cyclist, yes I use the lane and ride along the pretty red colour. But I don’t think we have the full answer yet.
(Worthing Herald 5 Oct 00)

Another Twist in the Cycle Lanes
We now hear that the gas company will be digging a trench in Goring Road this year, and that the whole road will be resurfaced by the council next year. Tell me, why did they have to paint the cycle lanes now when they will be destroyed so soon?
(Worthing Herald 17 August 00)

Some people are in favour
The Worthing Guardian has two letters this week that say that the anti’s are complaining too much. While car drivers give so little consideration to cyclists something must be done, and the cycle lanes are a good start.

Don’t block Worthing’s new cycle lanes
Apparently the new red-painted cycle lanes are only advisory at the moment. So motorists can park on them except when there are double or single yellow lines as well. So cyclists are not getting a very good deal at the moment, and are all the time forced out into the traffic. At this rate it will be the end of the summer before they have anything sorted out.

Biggest eyesore in town’s history
claims N J Watson of Singleton Crescent in the Worthing Herald 20 July.
“What a complete waste of the tax payers money” he says. “It must rank as one of the biggest eyesores in the borough’s history with its gaudy paint job, as well as one of the most dangerous. What does the red paint indicate anyway?
What were the planners thinking about when it was conceived? The traffic is now squeezed into less space. I also wonder how many cyclists will actually use it. I ride a bike on occasions and I will not use it.
It would be far better if the route had been planned to follow the side roads. Much quieter, much prettier, and not so many dodgy fumes.”

There are four other letters, one in favour with reservations.

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