WBC Budget figures

Worthing Borough Council
According to the figures published in the Argus Sentinel 10 Dec 2003
the WBC Council Tax figures for last year were
Parks and Open Spaces 1,630,000
Refuse Collection 987,000
Theatres and Public Entertainment 903,000
Street Cleaning 680,000
Aquarena and Leisure Centre 495,000
Seafront 343,000
Tourism 204,000
Economic Development 184,000
Grants to voluntary organisations 161,000
Recycling 149,000
Environmental Initiatives 129,000
    Total 5,461,000
Other staff and Expenses 9,239,000
    Total 14,700,000
West Sussex County Councilmillions
Community Development
(incl. Libraries, Archives and Community
Education and the Arts 485.1
Information Services 8.7
Public Safety
(incl. Fire,Waste and Trading Standards)
Resources 29.8
Social and Caring Services 243.4
Strategic Environmental Services
(incl. Highways, Planning & Economic
Non Portfolio Budgets
(incl. asset management adjustment)
    Total 805.6
Less Fees -87.0
Less specific grants -73.8
    Total 644.8

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