Comments submitted to WBC by the Goring Residents’ Association

31 July 2003

Councillor Miss Sheila Player

Councillor Geraldine Lissenburg

Sheryl Grady – Chief Executive

Dear Ladies

We have now looked in some detail at the Community Strategy document and we attended the recent ward forum in Goring. We would like to suggest the following:

  • You could adopt between five and seven strategic areas for implementation over the next five to seven years. We list some suggestions for these below. Note that the numbers five and seven are critical – if less than five we appear not to be trying, and if it is more than seven it exceeds the human attention span.
  • The many, many other points should be considered as tactical problems and passed out to named responsible people to fix as soon as possible, and then to report back when they have been satisfied.

The seven points that occur to us could include:

  • By-pass for Worthing and removing bottlenecks at Arundel and Chichester
  • Teville Gate rebuild
  • The Aquarena rebuild or refurbishment
  • Protection of Castle Goring which urgently needs repairs
  • Traffic jams and lack of parking in Worthing town centre
  • Facades of buildings which are ugly between the sea end of South Street and the Dome Cinema.
  • The Lido improvement

There are a number of other concerns which are more relevent at a national level and David Marchant is discussing these with our MP, Peter Bottomly.

We also wish to express concerns about some recent initiatives which, as we live in Goring, we do not like:

  • Threat of Housing at West Durrington
  • Threat of ASDA Superstore and the increased traffic at Bolsover Road
  • Threat of Eirene Road for affordable homes, or for the suggested Water Sports centre which can only encourage the jetskis
  • Threat of a cycle track from Sea Place to Ferring along the sea wall, when there is a South Coast Cycle Route already in place
  • Threat to heritage buildings in Worthing which are ever in danger of being pulled down for development

We commend these thoughts to you for consideration.

Yours sincerely

Richard Waller
Chairman, Goring Residents’ Association

Worthing Society
Ilex Conservation Group
Goring Gap Preservation Trust
David Marchant
Peter Welch
Steven Waight
Julian Carrington – WBC


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