Comments submitted to WBC by the Worthing Society

Here is a view from The Worthing Society re the direction which I believe
Worthing should be taking:-

1. Do NOT accept blindly directives ‘from above’…eg cycle-paths are a
great concept but cannot just be introduced alongside pedestrian footpaths
without (a) the near-certainty of collisions and (b) the loss, to pedestrians,
of long-standing safe beach-side strolls … especially with children and the

2. Please consider the re-introduction of a WBC Conservation Officer to
offer a balanced view when planning applications are being considered. At
present, organisations like the Worthing Society attempt to fill that
gap…they shouldn’t have to. WBC should be considering the heritage of
Worthing ALONGSIDE its development needs. At present, to the outsider, it
seems as though the developer/landowner calls the tune. That is a decidedly
unhealthy situation. If a Conservation Officer cannot be financed…at least
try and work ALONGSIDE all the various amenity groups that work so hard to
represent the townspeople’s best interests.

3. Teville Gate is just a disaster. Surely something can be done to improve
the situation and move on once and for all?

4. Worthing…amazingly…still has pockets of ‘heritage’ like Castle
Goring. To the outsider (again) it does look as though WBC are ‘frightened’
of using their statutory powers to prevent such places from literally
falling down. Castle Goring could be a wonderful tourist attraction or (eg)
luxury hotel (like Amberley Castle) etc etc. Please don’t be afraid to stand
up to ‘awkward’ landowners. All the amenity groups of the town WILL back

5. The Lido pool used to be perfect for families when my kids were
little!…Why has it been allowed to become a mecca for ‘tat’ when the ‘old’
swimming pool was so popular with families?

6. The Asda Superstore proposal at Durrington is surely going to be a
disaster if it comes to pass. Please don’t let it happen. It will be a
nightmare for traffic.

7. West Durrington. Don’t sit back and let it just happen. Enough people have
pointed to the potential problems and omissions (eg the disaster for Titnore
Lane and the ancient woodland; the disaster re Castle Goring.) Let’s FIGHT for
goodness sake…so that if it HAS to be…it is at least taking into account
the arguments put forward.

Tony Malone

The Worthing Society.


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