Cissbury Ring – a poem by Jonathon Bryant of Worthing

One day I looked to Cissbury Ring
and saw her smiling face,
it seemed she was inviting me
to feel her fond embrace.

I ambled up the gentle path
that lead me through the trees –
the trees were all a’murmuring
responding to the breeze.

Then when I reached the ancient ring
that overlooks the sea
the skylarks with their swelling song
rose up to welcome me.

Just as an eagle on the heights
surveys his chosen land,
I felt a sense of freedom from
the countyside I scanned

The seven sisters in the sun
enjoyed the evening light,
contrasting with the Sussex Weald –
a switchback gleaming white.

And looking west expectantly
across the hills of baize
I glimpsed the bashful Isle of Wight
veiled by a summer haze.

So if you are feeling down at heart
then please take this advice
go rest a while on Cissbury Ring
and sample Paradise.


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