Good afternoon!
and a Happy Christmas

There Are Only -693817 Shopping Days
Remaining Until Christmas!
Santa is resting now. Next year, track him by RADAR.


The Angel on the Christmas Tree
– A Christmas Story….

What are the names of the reindeer?
– check the Christmas decorations

The Penguin watches for Santa Clause

How many chimneys
shall Santa visit?

A mathematical analysis
of the
FatherChristmas Story





Christmas Conjugations
With acknowledgements to Craig Brown in the Daily Telegraph
I did myself proud
You didn’t hold back
He is a greedy pig.
I am effervescent
You are bubbly
She is pissed

I missed the Queen
You avoided the Queen
He has no sense of duty.

I disapprove of rampant consumerism
You cut back on presents
He is a Scrooge.
I like to add last minute touches
You fuss
They panic.

Our turkey served us well
Your turkey kept going
They were still eating turkey in February




The Office standard Greeting

The Office Standard Greeting

Guaranteed not to be subject of a law suit in any country.


The ‘Politically Correct’ 12 Days of Christmas


12 days of the eurocentric midwinter festival


The 12 Days of Christmas

Letters from Emily, thanking her dearest darling Edward,


Organising the Company Christmas Lunch

Any volunteers please?


Santa Clause Re-engineering Project

– we regret that some downsizing will have to take place…

The Christmas Wrapping PaperProblem


The 12 Pains of Christmas

– an alternative view of the festive season


Five Gold Rings



  • Click these links to download the files.
  • Place it in a spare space on your hard disk.
  • Find it with your file explorer program.
  • Double click to run, on your desktop.
  • For easy running convenience make a shortcut.


Download a Christmas Dog Story
just click as you are told.

Download your own Christmas Tree
with music and flashing lights – 35K

Download a special animated dancing girl
as a Christmas Gift – a biggie – 250K

Download the ultimate flashing lights
decoration for your desktop
– its very big but worth it – 410K




Santa Sleigh Simulator
Accessorise the Snowman
Slingshot Santa Game
Santa Penalty Shootouts – Festive trivia quiz
The elves help you assemble a virtual cracker complete with hat, poor quality joke, miniature nail clippers (and cheesy Christmas lift music).
* Singing and Dancing Reindeer
Require Shockwave but is worth looking and hearing
* Snowball Generator
Send a snowball by Email, and dodge his return shot.
Write a letter to Santa
This one requires to have Real Player, but will help you to load it.
Can you help Romuald to deliver the presents?
Build your own snowman
A cyber game.





Christmas Card to a son or daughter
who never has time to phone home

To our Darling Son
Wishing you Happy Christmas
Thinking of you always
Enclosed a cheque for £25
Love from us both
Mum and Dad

Note: Do not actually enclose the cheque
We guarantee that son will phone within the hour




Santa is safely rescued by the RNLI

Santa is safely rescued off Goring beach
by the RNLI

Two nautical cards from the RNLI.






Some Random links
out of the many that your search engine will show you – The BBC who always do these things well. – Santa’s secret Village is the top Christmas site according to Web User magazine Santa Tracker even better with streaming video – lots of fun things – Complete Guide to Christmas Traditions – a splendid one this – download Xmas programs – round up the sheep game – but you should have ordered these long ago! – a feast of good things – Not Just for Kids! A Technical Night Before Christmas – a whole list of Christmas goodies – Christmas Cards – brilliant Advent Calandar – create your own cards with music – write to Santa and get a reply. – a ghostly tale of scrooge and the three spirits of the Internet